Spring 2021–Important Return to Campus Details for Residential Students Currently Residing on Campus

Dear Resident,

Returning and new residential students received an email with information regarding their return to campus and the check-in process. 

Because you have been living on campus during the Winter Break, you are not required to sign up for a return date on THD or quarantine at the beginning of spring semester. However, because all of campus will be under quarantine from January 22–February 3, we can provide you with two choices: 

  1. If you do not wish to quarantine, you may choose to move to a separate non-quarantine building on Main Campus in order to be free to move around Burlington. You will move to the new location on Friday, January 22. You will not be permitted to be elsewhere on campus nor may you return to your own room during the campus quarantine. Your Named Household from Winter Break is no longer valid, so please remember that you may not visit the residence of any other person, nor may you host any visitors in your room. You will be permitted to move back to your own residence hall on Wednesday, February 3. Please email reslife@champlain.edu by Monday, January 18 if you elect to move to a non-quarantine building on Main Campus.

  1. If you prefer to stay in your own room, you will need to quarantine with the rest of campus and follow quarantine protocol by only leaving your room to use the restroom, pick up take-out food from the dining hall (if you have a Spring 2021 meal plan), or participate in socially distanced activities and walks/exercise outside on campus.  Phase 1 lasts until all students have completed arrival quarantine (on or around February 3).

Spring 2021 Community Health Pledge & Daily Health Screening
The Champlain Community Health Pledge has been updated for the spring semester. The Health Pledge describes the College’s expectations of you—and our expectations of one another—as we work together to establish and maintain the health of our campus community and our Burlington home this spring. All students are required to sign the revised Community Health Pledge by completing this Google Form.

You are required to complete the Daily Health Screening each day throughout the spring semester.

Testing Schedule
Required weekly surveillance testing will continue through the spring semester.

IDX Dining Hall will open January 23 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner pick-ups. Beginning on February 8, IDX will be open throughout the day. Don’t forget to bring your ID. In-person dining is expected to begin a few weeks into the semester, if conditions allow. 

Spring semester parking permits for residential students are $120. Permits go on sale January 15.

Campus Life: What to Expect
As detailed in the email you received earlier today, we will begin with a fairly restricted campus experience and ideally move to one that allows for more freedoms over the course of the semester. This phased approach will allow us to establish a healthy community while following state guidelines. These restrictions will be different than what you experienced this fall.

Changes to these phases will be communicated to students and published on The View over the course of the semester. 

We look forward to reopening campus to the rest of the residential population.If you have questions about Spring 2021, please visit the FAQ section of our COVID-19 website


Jerome Holland, Jr.
Director of Housing and Residential Life