Fall Update #8E: Your Housing Assignment & Fall Move-In

This message is specific to incoming first-year and transfer students.

Dear Student,

We’re so excited to welcome you to Champlain College! All incoming first-year and transfer students who completed the Incoming Student Housing Preference Form as well as the Housing Intention Form to indicate an interest in living on-campus will be housed on Main Campus in singles and doubles.

On August 3, all incoming students who requested housing will receive an email from Housing and Residential Life with a link to The Housing Director (THD) where you will find your room assignment and roommate (if applicable). If you do not receive an email on August 3 but expected to, please reach out to reslife@champlain.edu.

Quarantine Requirements & Returning to Campus

Before making your plans to return to campus, it is critical to understand whether you will be required to quarantine before or after you arrive. We created this illustration to help you determine whether you are required to quarantine. The State of Vermont requires that individuals traveling from specific counties quarantine; the most recent list of counties requiring quarantine are available here. Please review the material carefully. 

Students Required to Quarantine:

If you are required to quarantine, you have two choices:

  1. You may choose to quarantine at home for 14 days prior to your arrival on campus. If you choose this option, you must be able to travel in your own vehicle to campus with limited stops (for example, you may stop for gas, but may not dine in a restaurant and must avoid groups). Any family members traveling with you must also quarantine for 14 days prior to arrival on campus.

If you quarantine at home, your move-in choices are: 

  • Friday, August 28 (morning only)
  • Saturday, August 29 
  • Sunday, August 30
  1. You may choose to quarantine on-campus. Please understand that quarantining on campus requires that you stay on campus for the duration of your quarantine and follow strict social distancing policies, including engaging only with other students on the same quarantine schedule. All meals will be provided to you during quarantine. 

If you quarantine on-campus, your move-in options are: 

  • Saturday, August 15
  • Sunday, August 16
  • Monday, August 17

Students NOT Required to Quarantine:

If you are not required to quarantine, your move-in options are: 

  • Friday, August 28 (morning only)
  • Saturday, August 29
  • Sunday, August 30 

All Students: Action Required

You will receive an email no later than August 10 with instructions for selecting your move-in date and time. All residential students must select a move-in time before returning to campus; please follow the instructions in the follow-up email to select your date and time.

We understand that these windows may pose challenges for some students. If you are unable to arrive during your designated window, please email reslife@champlain.edu and we will work with you to determine an alternate arrival plan. If you are required to quarantine after arrival and are approved to arrive later than August 17, you will likely reside in a separate building during your quarantine. 


The State of Vermont has issued very specific guidance regarding students’ return to campus. Each student will be allowed ONE guest to enter their residence hall to assist with move-in. Again, if a student completes quarantine prior to arriving on campus, any family members traveling with them must also quarantine for 14 days prior to arrival on campus. We recognize that due to quarantine restrictions some students will travel to campus alone and will require help moving their belongings into their residence halls. We are actively working on plans to support you.

Please remember that you will be asked to remove your belongings from campus at Thanksgiving—pack lightly, bringing only those items you will need for the first 12 weeks of classes.


Routine COVID-19 testing will be required of all students. Any students arriving from a quarantine county or arriving by mass transportation will be tested within 48 hours of arrival on campus. All students will be tested seven days after arrival and weekly thereafter. Testing will take place on-campus and will require a reservation. We will provide instructions for scheduling your COVID-19 tests in an upcoming Update.


Answers to many questions can be found on our COVID-19 website where we have a robust, and newly updated FAQ section and links to all messages from the College. You will receive additional Updates regarding the specifics of our Health & Safety Pledge, scheduling COVID-19 tests, and details related to transportation, on-campus dining and the campus experience in the coming weeks. 

We look forward to seeing you later this month,

Susan Waryck
Dean of Students