Survey Findings Unveil New Data About Online Higher Education

Champlain College Online recently reported the survey findings exploring how perceptions of online higher education have changed over the last five years. The data reveals some impressive statistics.

More than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18-55 were polled about their attitudes and opinions on the value and application of online higher education. The collective results from the 10-question survey show that online degrees are perceived as more credible and more broadly accepted than in the pre-pandemic period, with 84% of adults thinking employers are more accepting of online degrees today than pre-pandemic and 72% of adults believing online education is a more reputable way to get a degree than it was five years ago.

“The COVID-19 pandemic introduced more institutions and students to the concept of remote learning than ever before,” said Chris Montagnino, Vice President of Champlain College Online. “While there are crucial differences when comparing the remote education seen during the pandemic and intentionally designed online education, high-quality online education provides a level of accessibility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness that can be life-changing for students.”

Champlain College Online fielded two surveys in the past five years—one in the fall of 2017 and one in the summer of 2023.

The full article and survey findings are available on the Champlain College Online blog.

News of the survey results was featured in the following media outlets:

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