Faculty & Academic Staff Briefing #1

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff:

In an effort to consolidate and coordinate faculty and academic staff communication during this time of transition we will be providing a daily briefing of updates for you.  Faculty can expect the daily briefing to go out each afternoon. We will be collaborating with academic divisions and offices to coordinate these messages for you in a consolidated manner.  

This daily briefing includes:

  • Faculty Expectation: Please reach out to your students next week
  • Reminder: CLT Support & Survey
  • Most recent communication to Students


Please reach out to your students next week to let them know that you are developing a plan for how to conduct your course remotely between March 23 and (at least) April 10.  


A sudden switch to remote instruction can be jarring, confusing, or even alarming. We are not asking you to become experts in online pedagogy in a week. Our goal is continuity: to deliver the content we need to deliver, continue interacting with our students, and do the assessments we need to do to complete the semester.  The Center for Learning and Teaching wants to help you do this with a minimum of stress to you and your students. 

We are circulating a Readiness and Support Survey to help us gauge campus needs, including specialized needs for technology and materials. If you are teaching one or more courses, please fill it out here.

The CLT has a multi-part strategy to support faculty at this time of transition to remote instruction.  Please check out their Teaching Continuity page. Current and upcoming resources include:

  • Live webinars (Signup via Google Calendar): 
    • Transitioning to Remote Instruction
    • Designing and running online discussions
    • Running Webinars and Remote Meetings
  • Sign up for one-on-one consultations with the CLT or other Canvas support volunteers.  Please list in the description what topics you want support with.
  • Enhanced self-service resources on the website and in Canvas, including step-by-step guidance for adapting your course, tutorials, and Canvas templates (New content added daily! Check in on Monday.)
  • Additional information on accessibility and remote instruction from the Office of Accessibility


The View is our centralized resource for all information and communications for Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The most recent message that went out to students today (3/13) and includes information about the continuity of critical student services.  All other communications can be found here.


Ongoing communication and resources for Students, Faculty and Staff will be posted on The View.   

Be sure to take the Faculty Readiness and Support Survey for remote learning if you haven’t already. This survey will help us as we do our best to get you the tools and information you need to move to a remote learning environment.

Check the CLT’s Teaching Continuity page daily. We are adding new resources to the page regularly.

If you have questions that are not addressed by this communication, the resources linked above or the update site (The View), please use this form to submit your question. Your inquiry will be routed to the appropriate department/individual and answered as soon as possible. We will also use these questions to guide on-going development of the FAQ section. The form is public and can be shared with staff and students as well. 


Catherine Morgan
Acting Provost