Through the Lens: Filmmaker Hansel Carter IV’s Journey at Champlain College

Hansel Carter IV ’20 was drawn to Champlain College for Filmmaking in large part because of its unconventional approach to education. The Upside-Down Curriculum catapults students directly into the world of cinema, allowing Carter to dive quickly into his craft. From mastering camera techniques to honing screenwriting skills, the foundation for the rest of Carter’s college experience was laid from the get-go.

“The Upside-Down Curriculum allowed me to better my skills as soon as I got to Champlain and let me look at what I wanted to get into as soon as I got here,” Carter says, reflecting the program’s commitment to immediate and immersive learning.

A Cinematic Adventure: From Saudi Arabia to Dublin

Champlain College’s Filmmaking Program is all about a global perspective, and Carter’s journey is a perfect example. Not only did he study film abroad in Dublin, but he also took part in a travel course to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he worked on two film projects alongside fellow Saudi interns. Together, they collaborated in person and remotely on everything from scripts to writing, and production. “We had the opportunity to share our cultural differences with one another through this experience,” he says. 

Carter also participated as a fellow in one of Stowe Story Lab’s intensive programs that connect producers and filmmakers in Vermont. At Champlain, professors are dedicated to student success and go out of their way to facilitate unique opportunities like this for their students. From filming abroad to attending prestigious industry events, Filmmaking students like Carter have ample opportunity to create a network that extends well beyond the walls of campus.

“All of my professors and fellow students have been so supportive and really wanting to see the best work come out of each other,” he says. “I feel that the projects that I worked on and the people that I’ve worked with are going to help me get places.”

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