Brigham Boice on Crafting History and Navigating the Game Studio Experience at Champlain College

Meet Brigham Boice, a passionate Game Design major at Champlain College, set to graduate in 2025. Beyond being a dedicated student, Brigham is also the CEO of Newpast, LLC, a company with a unique mission: recreating historic towns and events in a virtual experience to create, educate, and explore history through technology. 

We asked Boice about his journey at Champlain so far, exploring his experience in the Game Studio, his entrepreneurial endeavors, and how he’s crafting history through his innovative business. Here’s what we found out:

What drew him to Champlain?

Boice was drawn to Champlain by the prospect of working with multiple majors on different game projects. The Game Studio Experience, which mirrors real-world scenarios, allowed him to work with a diverse team to create and enjoy video games. The program also offered a unique blend of programming and art classes, which Brigham says enhanced his development skills.

What’s his business Newpast, LLC about?

Boice isn’t just a Game Design student, he’s the visionary CEO of Newpast, LLC. This innovative company strives to preserve culture and history by recreating historic cities and events in a virtual environment. Newpast’s mission is to create, educate, and explore history through technology, leaving an indelible mark on the future.

How does he run a business and go to school at the same time?

As the owner of Newpast, LLC, which focuses on historical education technology, Boice is passionate about using technology to teach history. With support from Champlain’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, he’s learning how to grow his business. The Center provides invaluable resources, tools, and connections to several Burlington-area incubators, helping Brigham navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

What’s an interesting InSight milestone he completed?

One milestone that stood out for Boice was the Game of Life. This unique experience allowed him to role-play his future by managing his own budget as a game designer, anticipating future expenses for food, housing, clothing, and a car. The Game of Life provided a hands-on lesson in financial planning and budgeting, essential skills for a budding entrepreneur.

Ready to explore the dynamic world of Game Design? Join Brigham Boice at Champlain College—where innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit thrive. Add Champlain to your Common App!

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