Unlocking Tomorrow: Professor Brian Hall’s Guide to Computer Science at Champlain College

A transformative journey into the dynamic world of computer science awaits you at Champlain College, where innovation and practical skills converge to shape tomorrow’s industry leaders. Guided by the expertise of Brian Hall, a seasoned professor and passionate program director, Champlain’s Computer Science & Innovation program is recognized as a forward-thinking computer science program. 

Forget the traditional approach—Champlain’s program breaks the mold with its avant-garde style. No more drowning in theory; here, it’s all about immersing yourself in practical skills that make you stand out in the professional world. Professor Hall, a dedicated educator with a wealth of industry experience, ensures that you don’t just learn about computer science; you dive into its dynamic landscape.

Real-world insights are seamlessly woven into your learning experience, thanks to Professor Hall’s commitment to integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications into the curriculum. This forward-thinking approach not only prepares you for today’s challenges but equips you with the skills needed for tomorrow.

Capstone projects take center stage, and Professor Hall ensures you have the support and mentorship to turn your ideas into impactful projects. From day one, you’re on a journey of exploration and creativity, fostering a mindset that will last throughout your academic career.

At Champlain, your professors know that one size doesn’t fit all. With concentrations in Software Development, Cybersecurity, and Data Science & Analytics, you choose your path. Professor Hall’s approach to inclusivity in the field creates a diverse and collaborative learning environment, where everyone, regardless of their programming background, finds their niche and excels. You can expect personalized learning from day one with Professor Hall and experienced faculty, who provide a 1:1 experience, ensuring you receive individualized attention and foster your growth as a professional. They want you to not just be job-ready, but industry-ready.

Computer Science students working on a project.
Computer Science students working on a project.

Beyond coding, Champlain’s program recognizes the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Take breaks from the screen, develop hobbies, and form habits that contribute to a balanced and fulfilling academic life.

Professor Hall himself practices wellbeing and balance by getting his hands dirty with watches—yes, watches. He’s not just immersed in coding; he’s a passionate watch enthusiast and the founder of Ten Six Watches. Follow his watchmaking journey on Watch Complications, his YouTube channel, where he shares expertise, reviews, and the intricate process of creating custom watches.

Now is the right time to start your future as an industry-ready computer scientist, and there’s no better place to do it than right here at Champlain College with Professor Brian Hall’s mentorship. Add us to your Common App and unlock a world of innovation, diverse concentrations, and a supportive community dedicated to shaping your success in the dynamic field of computer science. Your future awaits – get ready with us.

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