Faculty & Academic Staff Update #54

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff:

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This brief includes:

  • Food drive results – Feeding Chittenden and Champlain College Food Pantry
  • Class-Related Behavior Policy – Updated
  • Community Read Event – Film Discussion on September 28


On Saturday, 22 first year students from Champlain College in the Education and Human Studies division collected 870 pounds of food to donate to Feeding Chittenden and another 120 pounds to the Champlain College Food Pantry.  The items donated include pasta, sauce, canned vegetables and fish, peanut butter and cereal.  Thank you to the Burlington community for their kindness and generosity in supporting this initiative and congrats to the new Champlain students who have already demonstrated their commitment to service and living up to the EHS motto- “We Do Good Work”. 


The revised Class-Related Behavior policy can be found here. The updated language clarifies and reinforces the authority of the faculty in the academic space.

The text of the policy reads:

Each instructor is authorized to maintain an in-person and/or online learning environment (including, but not limited to, classroom, laboratory, library, faculty office, etc.) that facilitates effective teaching, learning and safety. Through their class-related behavior, students should demonstrate that they are preparing seriously for the professional and/or corporate environments in which they will work after leaving the College. The College includes electronic communication in its definition of class-related behavior to include, but not limited to, email, video conference, telephone meetings, and activities in Canvas (or other platforms) related to each course.

Examples of inappropriate, disruptive class-related behavior include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any unauthorized use of electronic devices in the learning space;
  • Personal conversations during class;
  • Abusive language or epithets directed towards other persons;
  • Posting inappropriate online posts;
  • Refusing to comply with the directions of the instructor.
  • Tardiness, leaving and returning during class, or leaving class early without permission from the professor;

Disruptive and disrespectful behavior on the part of any student will not be tolerated. Learning spaces that may involve a potential safety hazard to students under certain circumstances may inherently require that students adhere strictly to safety protocols, in addition to observing normal behavioral expectations.

Under the authority of this Class-Related Behavior Policy, an instructor may require that a student leave the learning space if the student is disruptive and does not heed a verbal or written first warning. In the online environment, an instructor may use their discretion to delete inappropriate posts. Return of the student to the learning space may require a written pledge by the student to abide by the rules of expected class-related decorum or safety.

Continued inappropriate conduct or safety violations may be grounds for dismissal from the course in question for the remainder of the semester. If an instructor determines that a student should be dismissed from a class for the remainder of the semester with a failing grade due to their class-related behavior, the instructor will provide to the student a written notice of that decision, which shall include a statement that the student may appeal the decision through the Academic Grievance Procedure. 

In addition to action taken by instructors under the authority of this Class-Related Behavior Policy, action may also be taken separately by the Office of Student Conduct under the College’s Conduct Review process, if a student’s class-related conduct may constitute a violation of the Champlain College Standard of Conduct.


The first event for The Hate U Give community read is an intercampus film discussion with St. Michael’s College on Monday, September 28 from 6:30–8:00 PM. We are working to get the word out to students, and we could use your help! 

Watch the film:

The library now has streaming access to the film rendition of The Hate U Give. We hope that you will watch the film, and encourage your students to do so as well. 

Sign up for the film discussion event:

Please register for the film discussion event by September 24. We would love to see you and your students there. 

You can find more information on this as well as other community read events here.


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