COVID-19 Testing & Health Resources for Commuter Students

Dear Students,

As Thanksgiving approaches and Champlain moves to remote operations, we know that many of you are curious about access to local testing options and also where to get help should you become ill. Additionally, we want to inform you of new restrictions on group gatherings and be sure that you are aware of the recent restrictions Vermont has placed on out-of-state travel.

Pre-Thanksgiving Testing

If you participate in our weekly COVID surveillance testing program and are planning to travel out of state for the Thanksgiving holiday, please take your next COVID test 2-3 days before your planned travel so that you receive your test result before you travel. This may mean you are taking your test a day or two earlier than you otherwise would; this is acceptable. The state requires that any student who tests positive isolate for ten days. If you tested earlier in the week and would like to depart this weekend, you may do so provided you received a negative test result. Please remember a negative test is only one point in time and travel can increase your risk. Regardless of where you travel to, we recommend a minimum 7 day quarantine followed by a negative test or a 14 day quarantine if testing is unavailable once you arrive home. You may discuss this with your primary care provider.

Group Gatherings

Effective as of the Governor’s press conference this morning, group gatherings in private apartments are not permitted. This means you may not invite anyone you do not already live with into your off-campus apartment. 


COVID cases are rising rapidly all around the country and states are increasingly enforcing restrictions on interstate travel. Vermont announced on Tuesday that everyone entering or returning to the state is required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. This means that if you leave Vermont for any of the upcoming holidays, you are required to quarantine for 14 days when you return. Vermont is also actively planning for a surge in COVID cases which we have started to see this week. If you plan to travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday, we encourage you to stay home through the holiday season and return in January to quarantine during the campus quarantine period, January 23–February 7. If you live with roommates who plan to travel, please think through how their quarantine requirements may affect you. Student Health can help answer questions around managing quarantine requirements; call us at 802.860.2711.

Not Feeling Well?

The Student Health Center will remain open and available to students by appointment through December 18. Please contact the Student Health Center at 802.860.2711 or for an appointment or consultation. The Student Health Center will be closed December 19–January 22. If you are in need of any health services during this time, please contact your family physician or visit one of the Urgent Care Clinics listed here. In the case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Community Testing Options 

Champlain’s COVID testing program will cease during Winter Break and you are no longer required to submit your Daily Health Screening after November 22. The Student Health Center will have limited capacity to provide COVID testing for students who are symptomatic or completing a quarantine period. You will find a complete list of testing clinics operated by the state of Vermont here. Additionally, the website provides details for testing available at pharmacies and a tool for locating testing sites outside the state. The state recommends testing for anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, close contacts of anyone who has tested positive for the virus, and anyone who attended an event with others not typically in their social circle.

Wishing you a healthy holiday,

Annika Hawkins-Hilke
Champlain College Medical Director