Pre-Thanksgiving Travel & COVID-19 Testing Information for Main Campus Students

Dear Students,

As Thanksgiving approaches, most of you will be traveling home for the remainder of the fall semester and winter break. We want your return home to be a safe one, and encourage you to consider the increasing rates of the virus in New England as you make your travel plans and the date of your last COVID test. Additionally, this message includes important updates to the College guest and event policy.


COVID cases are rising rapidly in Vermont and all around the country. States are increasingly enforcing restrictions on interstate travel. We strongly encourage our students to depart campus at their earliest convenience, rather than waiting until Champlain’s campus closes on November 22. You may find that you have an easier time traveling home—and can do so with fewer restrictions—the earlier you depart. 

As an example of recent revisions to travel restrictions, Vermont announced on Tuesday that everyone entering or returning to the state is required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. (Picking up students from college is considered ‘essential travel’ and family members entering the state are not subject to quarantine provided they plan a contactless pick up.) Today the Governor announced that all college students returning to a home in Vermont must quarantine for a minimum of 7 days followed by a negative COVID test, or 14 full days if testing is unavailable. This includes Vermont students moving from a Vermont campus to their home. 

Please follow Housing and Residential Life’s instructions when you depart. Once you depart campus, you are no longer required to submit your Daily Health Screening.

Pre-Thanksgiving Testing

Please take your next COVID test 2-3 days before your planned travel so that you receive your test result before you travel. This may mean you are taking your test a day or two earlier than you otherwise would; this is acceptable. If you tested earlier in the week and would like to depart this weekend, you may do so provided you received a negative test result. The state requires that any student who tests positive isolate on campus for ten days. Please remember a negative test is only one point in time and travel can increase your risk. Regardless of where you travel to, we recommend a minimum 7 day quarantine followed by a negative test or a 14 day quarantine if testing is unavailable once you arrive home. You may discuss this with your primary care provider. 

Guest & Residence Hall Event Policy

As a reflection of the Governor’s guidance and in order to maintain the health and wellness of our campus community, the College guest policy has been revised. Effective immediately: for the remainder of the semester, no guests are allowed in any residence hall room. This includes individuals from your residence hall and other halls on campus. All campus events, including those hosted in residence halls, will take place virtually. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of refraining from gatherings of any size.

Wishing you a healthy holiday,

Annika Hawkins-Hilke
Champlain College Medical Director