Message to Off-Campus Students from the Office of Residential Life

Hello Champlain College Off-Campus Students,

You are receiving this email because you are a currently enrolled student who does not have an on-campus housing assignment for the Fall 2020 semester.  In anticipation of you living off campus, and potentially returning to the Burlington area in the next few days to start a lease on June 1, Champlain College is collaborating with the Vermont Department of Health and the City of Burlington regarding important information to assist you in making a healthy transition back to Burlington.

As outlined in this message from Mayor Weinberger to all Vermont off-campus students, the City of Burlington and the Vermont Department of Health require a 14 day quarantine for any individual arriving from out-of-state, including students.  

As you all are very aware, the world is changed because of COVID-19. When you return to Burlington, you need to be aware of the state, city and College policies and guidelines that you will be expected to follow to care for yourself and those around you. We expect that you will be responsible Champlain College students and follow all of the necessary guidelines.

Below are the highlights of current guidelines, which may be subject to change.

Coming to Vermont from Out-of-State?

  • Please do not enter Vermont if you are feeling ill.
  • Students entering Vermont from out-of-state are required to quarantine in their Vermont place of residence for 14 days. Students can end quarantine upon receipt of a negative COVID-19 test result administered on or after Day 7 of quarantine. More details about testing will be made available on The View as soon as the details are available. (See FAQs, “COVID-19”)
  • Family members may only stay in the area for the duration of the move. Overnight stays in Vermont are not currently allowed for those traveling from out-of-state. Please see the most recent State guidance for more details. 

All Students

  • All students (including those from out of state who have completed quarantine) should Be Smart and Stay Safe by maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet in all directions, limiting travel, taking advantage of outdoor recreation and outdoor fitness activities that require low or no direct physical contact, and limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people, preferably outdoors.
  • Wearing a cloth face covering is required in Burlington and South Burlington retail operations and city-owned buildings. Wearing face coverings is strongly recommended when you may be in close proximity to others in public.
  • Many services and businesses in Vermont remain closed including many stores and restaurants, and all open establishments are currently required to limit occupancy. 
  • Gatherings should only include those within your apartment/household.  The Champlain College campus is currently closed and only open to students, staff, and faculty who are approved to work on campus or who live in emergency housing. You will not be allowed to be on campus if you are not approved. You are not allowed to visit any students who are residing on campus in emergency housing. 

We realize these guidelines are challenging and encourage you to consider thoughtfully how you will follow them.  As a reminder, the Champlain College Health Center is closed during the summer months.  However, if you are feeling ill, please see The View for information on local care options (See FAQs, “COVID-19”).  Or, please call 802.860.2711 and you will be advised on how to proceed to receive care.

Be well,

Susan Waryck
Dean of Students