Update for Residential Students from the Office of Residential Life

Dear Residential Students–

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we developed a phased move out plan coordinated with other Vermont colleges and the Vermont Governor’s Office. This email contains the details you will need to plan your move out of the residence halls. 

Our move-out plan is based on directions and guidelines from the Governor’s office and is staged in three parts, beginning with students currently residing in Vermont. The second phase pertains to students from outside the state who are within driving distance and are able to pick-up their belongings without an overnight stay in Vermont. Finally, we have options for our students from outside Vermont or who may require extra support for move-out.

Students Currently Residing in Vermont

  • Requirements: You must have a Vermont address or verify that you have been in the state for at least the past 14 days. Please see the self-move out process outlined below for more details.
  • Move-Out Window: May 21–31

Out-of-State Residents 

  • Requirements: You must be within driving distance of Champlain and be able to pick-up your belongings and return home without an overnight stay in Vermont. Please see the self-move out process outlined below for more details.
  • Move-Out Window: May 27–June 7

Process for Self Move-Out 

If you meet the criteria above and are returning to campus yourself, here are details on how to request an Express Check Out time using THD (The Housing Director)

To Sign Up

  • Use THD’s Express Check Out (under Assignments on your THD home page) to select one three-hour time block. Blocks begin at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, and 5 PM. 
  • Each time slot is limited to 2-3 students per building, or 5 for 194 St Paul. Time slots will be removed as they are filled.

When You Arrive On Campus

  • Come to Skiff Hall to reset your card for bedroom access; you will not be able access your room without resetting your card. 
  • Per the Governor’s guidelines, only one guest will be allowed to help you move out.
  • All students and helpers are required to wear a face covering/mask while on campus. A limited supply of masks will be available on campus but we strongly encourage you to bring your own face covering.  
  • Your cooperation is important to maintain a healthy space: wash your hands, maintain a 6’ distance from other families, and do not share elevators. Our Custodial team will be wiping down common surfaces often throughout the move out period.

Students Unable to Return to Campus

Students who are not Vermont residents and are unable to pick-up their belongings without an overnight stay in Vermont have two options:

  1. You may use a moving company to collect and store or mail your belongings. Please see complete details below. There is no wait time for this option and using a moving company does not require you to be on campus. 
  2. You may continue to wait until we receive guidance from the Governor’s Office specific to students traveling from a distance and who require an overnight stay. As soon as the Governor’s orders evolve further, we will notify you of further options via email.

Process for Making Arrangements with Moving Companies

Hiring a moving company is an option for any student who is not able to come to campus to pack, ship or store their belongings. The College has approved two moving companies that students may use, Dorm Room Movers and Collegeboxes (details below). Please do not book with a different company; only Dorm Room Movers and Collegeboxes will be allowed inside the residence halls. Movers will wear masks and gloves while practicing social distancing throughout the move.

  1. Contact Dorm Room Movers or Collegeboxes to book a move-out time at least 48 hours in advance. (If you are unable to book 48-hours in advance, email reslife@champlain.edu to request approval.) Note: You are required to be available during the move-out to be on a video call with the moving company the entire time they are in your room. 
  2. Login to THD and complete the Moving Company Move Out Form. This information will allow us to coordinate access with the moving company.
  3. We will notify any roommates of your booking. If your roommate would like to be included in the video call, you are expected to invite your roommate to be part of the video call by sharing the video link. 
  4. In order to maintain proper social distancing practices, we will limit the number of individuals in each residence hall during move out, including movers. If necessary, we may request that a move scheduled with a moving company be rescheduled for a different time.

Dorm Room Movers
Phone: 866-550-8688
Email: support@dormroommover.com

Phone: 866-269-4887
Email: info@collegeboxes.com

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience and look forward to reuniting students with their belongings as soon as possible. Please email reslife@champlain.edu if you anticipate having any issues. Thank you! 

Housing and Residential Life Team