Faculty & Academic Staff Briefing #28

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff:

As the semester comes to an official close on Sunday, I want to thank the faculty and academic staff for a true expression and demonstration of the Champlain 2025 values of innovation, engaged learning, inclusivity and interconnectedness as we pivoted to remote learning this spring.  Thank you for all that you have done to make this experience meaningful and memorable for our students.

For communications and other updates over the summer, you can expect a format like the faculty brief email with a frequency that will be commensurate with the timing and amount of information we have to share.

This brief includes:

  • Reminder: Final Grades Due Sunday at midnight
  • Image of the day:  Speeder Steggerda


Just one final reminder to make sure that final letter grades (A-F) are submitted by midnight on Sunday, May 3rd.  Here are the full instructions on how to submit grades in WebAdvisor.  Some important directions to note:

1) If faculty enter grades of S or U instead of the standard letter grade scheme (A-F), those grades will be removed and reported as missing.  The Registrar’s Office will be converting the letter grades to S or U per the student requests we have received, starting on Monday.

2) If faculty enter a grade of Incomplete and it has not been pre-approved, the grade will be removed and reported as missing.

3) If faculty enter a grade of P (pass) instead of the standard grade scheme (A-F), and the course is not designated as pass/fail, those grades will be removed and reported as missing.   

If faculty are unable to access WebAdvisor, please submit a Helpdesk ticket to champsupport@champlain.edu. In the event that the issue isn’t resolved by Sunday’s submission deadline, faculty should email their grades to Nick Spaziani directly, and Nick will enter them directly into Colleague.


Ongoing communication and resources for Faculty and Staff are posted on The View; the most recent posts are listed here for easy access.  Finally, all Faculty Daily Briefing emails are stored here and also hosted on The View.

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