Travel to Italy

The CDC has designated Italy as a source of widespread sustained (ongoing) transmission (CDC Level 3 Advisory). For this reason, we strongly discourage student travel to Italy. Any student that travels to Italy will not be allowed back into our student residence at Highlight or our Academic Centre for a period of 14 days after their return. Students returning from Italy will need to make their own arrangements for self-isolation housing and for participating in courses online. Visitors arriving from Italy are not allowed in Highlight or the Academic Centre.

Other areas of Europe

Travel to other areas is currently possible, but keep in mind the outbreak is more widespread in some areas compared to others, and the situation can change quickly and dramatically. Pay attention to local news. is an excellent information source.

A significant number of cases are also currently found in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, and the UK, with new cases being announced daily. In each of these countries there is local transmission within the community, as opposed to cases solely being brought in by a traveller (as so far is the case in Ireland).

If you travel to any of these areas be aware that you may be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon your return should the situation change sufficiently so that the CDC designate that country or region a CDC Level 3 advisory. CDC advisories can be found here. That self-isolation may or may not take place at Highlight, at Champlain’s discretion in consultation with Highlight management. You must also remain vigilant about hygiene.


There are no current restrictions on travel around Ireland. All six cases currently in Ireland (as of March 5) involve travelers returning from northern Italy. However, please pay attention to local news to follow the situation closely and remain vigilant about hygiene. is your best source for information, as is the HSE.  

Adjusting your spring break plans to include staying in Dublin or with travel around Ireland is positively encouraged. As a reminder, Champlain has a relationship with City Therapy to help with mental health concerns, and D2 Medical Centre for physical health concerns. Call 112 for advice before traveling to doctors or hospitals. Champlain Dublin staff are also here to support your time in Dublin.

We will have further updates should any of this advice change. Please share this message with family and friends, especially those who may be visiting you in Dublin in the near future.

Stay safe, wash your hands, sanitize, and be well!

Director and Professor
Champlain College | Dublin Campus