Faculty Fall 2020 Teaching Choice Survey

This survey follows Laurie Quinn’s June 4 message in the faculty weekly briefing, which outlines some key academic updates related to Incoming President Akande’s announcement of the goal to open our campus in the fall. This survey is for you to indicate your choice as to whether you will likely teach on-campus, to the extent possible, this fall, or continue remote instruction, regardless of your students’ location.

Throughout the semester faculty and students will be able to choose whether they will teach and learn in-person.

It is important to note that on-campus learning will look very different than in a typical semester. Champlain will follow all public health guidance at a minimum, and therefore, classroom layouts and access to other spaces (such as hallways) will need to change accordingly. Timing may be staggered to permit social distancing. PPE will be needed for those deciding to take part in on-campus experiences so that safety can be increased. Hygiene and transmission prevention protocols, low-risk food access practices, and a host of related measures, will be in place. Please consider these realities as you respond to the survey questions provided.

As you complete the survey, also keep the following in mind:

(1) All fall classes will be designated as Flex-Hybrid, based in Canvas.

(2) All faculty will receive support from the CLT in designing their classes.

(3) Students will not be returning to campus after Thanksgiving break, and the last three weeks of the semester will be taught remotely.

Preparing for the fall semester requires planning in the midst of uncertainty. Your answers, which we recognize may not be definitive yet, will nonetheless be very helpful as we plan amid inevitable uncertainty for course scheduling, room assignments, and course development support, among other needs. You may change your mind as more information becomes available.

This data will be shared with the Registrar and the deans for what will likely become an iterative course scheduling and space planning process that by necessity will change as enrollment numbers shift over the summer. Please continue to have conversations with your dean(s) about your fall teaching schedule and preferences for teaching remotely.

You will not be held to your answers to this survey; we are collecting information for planning purposes only.

This survey is not anonymous.

Definition of Flex-Hybrid:

A Flex-Hybrid course offers multiple delivery modes of instruction and allows for blended learning (the integration of classroom and online learning), “flipped classrooms,” remote synchronous and asynchronous instruction, intentional community building, one-on-one coaching, and other “value added” options.

The Flex-Hybrid design gives faculty and students flexibility and uses a mix of formats. This does not mean additional teaching time, but rather that the designated teaching times are used flexibly. As faculty design their Fall 2020 courses, the goal is to create the conditions for sound learning to occur regardless of whether individual students or the faculty member can attend any particular learning experience in-person.