Below, you will find specific information for faculty and staff from Champlain’s People Center related to COVID-19 and pandemic influenza outbreaks.

Critical Links:

COVID-19 Safe Work Practices Policy

This document includes the following policies, requirements, and guidelines

  • Health and Safety Requirements for Employees
  • Visitors, Vendors and Contractors Policy
  • Health and Safety Expectations for Visitors, Vendors and Contractors
  • Cross Travel Guidance from the State of Vermont

COVID-19 Temporary Administrative Policy: Faculty & Staff Conduct

In accordance with Vermont’s Mandatory Guidance for College and University Campus Learning, Champlain College has created this temporary administrative policy to immediately address any behaviors that violate community standards for protecting everyone’s health.

Employee Health and Safety Compliance Strategy

Each member of the Champlain College community who works on campus in a full, limited, or temporary capacity has a responsibility to help protect the the health and well-being of the campus community. This document outlines the compliance requirements for employees working on campus and the compliance strategy.

Return to Campus: COVID 19 Employee Health Surveillance Program

This document informs faculty and staff of individual responsibilities and expectations, protocols and supports.

July 28, 2020: People Center Update: Return to On-Campus Work

As we have been preparing the campus for the return of our students, we have also been developing plans for our faculty and staff. Guidelines vary based on the work needed to assist, teach, and care for our students.

Champlain College Interim Remote Work Policy

This policy outlines eligibility, procedures, and expectations regarding employees working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Champlain College Leave of Absence Policy

This policy outlines the terms, eligibility, and process for taking a leave of absence. Rev. 7/31/20

Champlain College COVID-19 Safe Work Practices Policy

This policy includes steps for employees to take in order to return to campus in any capacity and required measures to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Guidelines for Managers During a Pandemic Influenza Outbreak

The following recommendations and actions should be considered, and, when possible, taken in advance of pandemic health crises to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible during periods of widespread illness and absenteeism.

Pandemic Flu Preparedness Guidelines

First issued in 2009, and recently updated in March 2020 to take into account the current outbreak of COVID-19, Champlain’s Pandemic Flu Preparedness Plan includes human resources guidelines, responsibilities, and communication procedures related to pandemic flu. This plan was created to complement the College’s Emergency Response Plan.