Expanding the Household Definition

Hello residential students—

I am writing with good news!

The data for our campus indicates that, as hoped for, we can moderately expand the definition of “household” on our campus to allow for more interaction among residents. 

As we take this step together, it is important to acknowledge that many colleges throughout Vermont and New England are currently enacting greater restrictions to contain rising COVID-19 cases. The current data on our campus, along with your tremendous efforts everyday to keep each other safe by adhering to health guidelines are the two main factors that enable us to take this step at this time. However, positivity rates around us in VT and New England continue to be higher this semester. As we celebrate, it is important that we continue to be diligent. 

New household definitions
Currently, a household is defined as an individual room, suite or apartment. As of today, we have expanded the definition of household beyond single and double occupancy rooms to include a cluster of rooms within each residence hall, plus one additional household member per student. The table below defines specific households within each residence hall. These households are designed to allow for more interaction between residents. Because not all buildings are occupied by the same number of residents, configurations are not the same across halls.  Locate your building in the table below to understand your expanded household:

Residence HallHousehold #1Household #2Household #3
Adirondack HallWhole building
Bader HallWhole building
Bankus HallGround & first floorsSecond & third floors
Boardman HallEach suite
Butler HallGround & third floorsFirst floorSecond floor
Cushing HallWhole building
Hill HallWhole building
Jensen HallWhole building
Juniper HallGround & third floorsFirst floorSecond floor
Lakeview HallGround & third floorsFirst floorSecond floor
McDonald HallWhole building
Pearl HallGround & first floorsSecond & third floors
Rowell HallWhole building
South HouseWhole building
Summit HallWhole building
Valcour HallGround & third floorsFirst floorSecond floor
158 S. WillardWhole building
194 St. Paul StreetEach suite

Each residential student will also be allowed to register one additional residential student who will be considered a member of their expanded household. You and your “plus-one” must mutually select one another to be a part of each other’s expanded household, and each student may select only one “plus-one”. Only students living on-campus may be selected as a “plus-one”.

To register your “Plus-One”: One member of the pair will submit the “Plus-One” Request; the second member will receive and accept the request via email. Both members of the “plus-one” pair will receive a confirmation email once we confirm there are no other associated requests for either resident. Once you receive the confirmation, you will then be allowed in each other’s rooms.

What can you do with residents in your expanded household, including your “plus one”?
Members of your expanded household can now interact in residential rooms without a mask (two guests maximum per room or suite). For example, a household defined as “ground and first floors” means that those residents living on the ground and first floor of that building are allowed to interact with each other without a mask in individual rooms. “Whole building” means that all of the residents of the specific building are able to interact with each other without a mask in individual rooms. Additionally, your “plus-one”, once approved,  is able to visit you in your room without a mask. Masks are still required when you are in any public areas of your building.

All students are still permitted (and encouraged!) to interact with other students in IDX Dining Hall and the other lounges in academic buildings (CCM, IDX Fireside Lounge, etc.) while wearing masks and maintaining proper distancing. Seating at the dining hall was recently reconfigured to give students more options to safely eat a meal with a friend. 

Please reach out to your RA or Area Coordinator if you have further questions.


Jerome Holland, Jr.
Director of Housing and Residential Life