Virtual Champlain Game Academy, Advanced

The Advanced Game Academy explores the field of game development at an advanced level. Building off of the curriculum of the level one program, this course offers students the opportunity to focus more specifically on one particular aspect of game development. Students learn advanced skills through higher level classes and work closely with faculty to develop a more advanced game prototype which can be used in a portfolio for college applications! By enrolling in this course students are able to build more knowledge and experience, becoming that much more prepared for college level courses! Each day features six hours of synchronous instruction by Champlain College faculty. Our exciting curriculum will be delivered via virtual classroom software in order to achieve the same learning outcomes as our on-campus program.

July 27-August 7 @ 12:00 AM
High school students
Virtual Champlain Game Academy, Advanced
Monday, July 27-Friday, August 7
All Day
Online at
Champlain College Game Academy

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