Trauma Doesn’t Have to be Traumatic (Trauma & Resilience Webinar Series)

A webinar by Dr. Dave Landers, Associate Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Saint Michael’s College, on how to help students overcome trauma and build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Everyone experiences trauma—it is part of life. Too often people feel that every trauma ends up being traumatic, numbing, destabilizing and paralyzing. Dr. Landers will address how OUR resilience, OUR resourcefulness, OUR ability to understand that events don’t shape our lives, how WE VIEW/RESPOND to those events can and does often dictate our response. There will be a fifteen minute Q & A at the end on how we can view ourselves, our colleagues AND our students in light of a better understanding of OUR resilience and OUR resourcefulness.

July 15 @ 4:00 PM
Trauma Doesn’t Have to be Traumatic (Trauma & Resilience Webinar Series)
Wednesday, July 15
4:00 pm-4:30 pm
Online at
Dr. Kimberly Quinn

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Webinars and workshops in our Trauma & Resilience 3 Tips in 30 Minutes Summer Series will be delivered over Zoom on Wednesdays from July 8 to August 5, 2020.
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