Roundtable Discussion: Interrogating Professionalism- Champlain’s Legacy

Since its founding in 1878 as the “Burlington Collegiate Institute and Commercial College,” Champlain has been unapologetically career-oriented and professionally-focused. While the College has evolved dramatically since its beginnings, an emphasis on upward mobility and preparation for entry into the white-collar workforce remains as a strong component of its legacy. But how does our institutional history and current positioning intersect with our goals around diversity, equity and inclusion? Panelists Kel Bachus, Lindsey Godwin, Tanja Hinterstoisser, Mike Kelly, and Eric Ronis will share how they view and experience notions of “professionalism” at the College, and how they attempt to navigate our mission in light of the inherent contradictions it creates. Join us for a roundtable discussion where participants are invited to explore the tensions that arise when a college’s mission reflects deeply embedded assumptions about the nature of work in ways that can exclude marginalized populations.

Wednesday, February 24
2:00 pm-3:00 pm
Roundtable Discussion: Interrogating Professionalism- Champlain's Legacy
Wednesday, February 24
2:00 pm-3:00 pm

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