Elevator Pitch Competition

Be inspired by our students’ big ideas as they pitch their hearts out at our annual Elevator Pitch competition. Open to budding entrepreneurs, job and internship seekers, game developers, and nonprofit and social advocates, the contest asks students to give their 90-second “pitch” to an executive (dubbed the “suit”) as they ride together in a fictional elevator. During an evening as entertaining as the best episode of Shark Tank, students learn essential communications and networking skills, gain self-confidence, and have a chance to win some serious cash.

Wednesday, March 4
7:00 pm-9:30 pm
Elevator Pitch Competition
Wednesday, March 4
7:00 pm-9:30 pm
Alumni Auditorium, CCM
375 Maple St
Burlington, Vermont
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Congratulations to our 20 finalists:


Jacob Abu-Amara '22 // International Business

James Kainth '20 // Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

Alexis Miller '21 // International Business

Vlad Onishchenko '21 // International Business

Absa Samba '20 // Social Work

Game Developers

Andrew MacDonald '20 // Game Design

Kendrick Ng-Yow '23 // Game Production Management

Andersen Pinckney '20 // Game Design

Wolfgang Westdorp '21 // Game Production Management

Mitch Zasa '20 // Game Production Management

Job/Internship Seekers

Molly Kathleen Aldrich '20 // Business Administration

Evan Kimble '20 // Accounting

Joshua Kukuvka '20 // Accounting

Emma Rivers '20 // Accounting

Steven Seaver '22 // Accounting

Nonprofit/Social Advocates

Eli Blaker '20 // Accounting

L Covey '21 // Social Work

Noor Liban '22 // Business Administration

Liza Ryan '20 // Social Work and Criminal Justice

Sawyer Zundel '22 // Computer & Digital Forensics

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