Spring 2022: Students and Employees

Effective January 4, 2022

Signing the Community Health Pledge is required for all students, faculty, and staff.

Champlain College welcomes students and employees to campus for the spring 2022 semester. Our ability to come together to live, learn, and work on our Burlington campus, despite the pandemic, relies on our shared responsibility for one another. Maintaining a campus experience will only continue to be possible if all students, faculty, staff, and community members act in a manner consistent with our protective measures against COVID-19. These measures are informed by guidance from public health entities such as the Center for Disease Control, the Vermont Health Department and College health advisors as well as recommendations or mandates by federal, state, and local government.

This Community Health Pledge explains the personal responsibilities and obligations we ask all members of the Champlain College community—students, faculty and staff—to commit to in order to maintain a healthy campus and community. Please take the time to read it carefully. Champlain College will take all reasonable steps to create a safe environment, but cannot guarantee a risk-free campus. You also have the ability and the responsibility to protect your own health and safety.

By being present on campus, you are agreeing to uphold this Community Health Pledge. Your ability to participate in on-campus meetings and activities is contingent on you fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations to the College’s mitigation efforts against COVID-19.

No matter your role in the Champlain community, student, faculty, or staff, we all play an important part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Spring 2022 Community Health Pledge

I pledge that I will do my part and will comply with the College’s public health rules and measures to protect myself and the campus community, and I will:

  • Access my Champlain College email account each day to receive important COVID-19 related updates and communications from the College and I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to review and understand any updates.
  • Abide by ongoing quarantine guidelines by the State of Vermont, whether I live in campus housing or off-campus.
  • Participate in Champlain’s mandatory health monitoring and testing program when directed to which includes:
    • Staying home or in my residence hall room if ill with COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Promptly reporting any COVID-19 related symptoms to the Student Health Center (students), or your primary care provider (employees).
    • Participating in symptomatic and asymptomatic testing when directed to by the College or Vermont Health Department staff.
    • Participating in a weekly testing program when deemed necessary by the College. As of 8/16/21, this applies to unvaccinated employees and students with approved medical or religious exemptions.
    • Participating in contact tracing efforts promptly and honestly.
    • Complying with requests to quarantine or isolate, including, for students, moving from my current residence hall to quarantine and isolation housing on-campus, if applicable.
    • Reporting any known exposures to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 to the Student Health Center (students) or your primary care provider or the Vermont Department of Health (employees).
    • If required, reporting daily symptoms by completing the Daily Health Screen every day I am on campus, including in my residence hall room or College apartment. As of 8/1/21, a Daily Health Screen is not currently required; however we ask that you self monitor for symptoms.
  • Comply with face covering directives as they are updated throughout the year.
  • Participate in a community culture that is supportive of individuals wearing face coverings whenever they deem it best and combating any bias, discrimination, and stigma against people wearing face covering.
  • Practice physical distancing behaviors whenever health guidelines warrant it.
  • Comply with guest policies issued to mitigate COVID-19 risks.
  • Abide by any additional health and safety measures implemented by all Champlain College offices and departments, including but not limited to: classrooms, laboratories, and dining facilities.
  • Follow directives regarding health and safety practices including, but not limited to, frequent hand-washing and disinfecting of lab spaces after use.
  • Comply with all procedures related to a closure or suspension of operations as mandated by state, federal, or Champlain College officials, should they become necessary.
  • Follow relevant and up-to-date guidance from health officials pertaining to gatherings that I may host or attend.
  • Follow COVID-19 safety measures implemented by local businesses, internship and field placement partners, the City of Burlington, and the State of Vermont in off-campus locations, including off-campus residences.
  • Reject bias, discrimination, and stigma against people of any racial and ethnic backgrounds and those who are perceived to have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Respectfully remind my peers and colleagues of safety expectations, and be respectful of others when they remind me.

In order to protect the campus community, and in response to new or updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the State of Vermont, or other public health authorities, these directives may change and will be available on Champlain’s COVID-19 update site.

It will be more important than ever to be kind, patient, and respectful of each other as we all continue to adjust to this new normal together. Our ability to give and receive reminders about the importance of these health measures with goodwill and cooperation will benefit our entire community. At the same time, the College will enforce the public health requirements as defined by the College and the State of Vermont.  

Failure to adhere to the health and safety measures listed above potentially impacts an individual’s ability to access the physical campus. For students this may include immediate removal from campus for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis if deemed warranted.

The student disciplinary process outlined in this policy supersedes the Conduct Review Process and exclusively governs issues related to compliance with this policy and sanctions up to exclusion from all on-campus programs, facilities, and activities. If it is necessary for the College to take disciplinary action beyond that sanction, the College’s regular Conduct Review Process will apply.

It is possible to develop and contract COVID-19, even when individuals follow all safety precautions recommended by the CDC, the State of Vermont, and the College. We are taking all reasonable steps to mitigate this risk and expect you to do the same to protect yourself and those around you. However, by choosing to participate in an on campus experience, students can never be completely shielded from all risk of exposure or illness caused by COVID-19 or other infections.

Students: I understand the College’s housing & meal plan cancellation and tuition refund policies. If I elect to cease in-person attendance/residence and/or vacate my residence hall room based on concerns related to COVID-19 in the absence of a mandated departure, I will not be provided any refund for room/board.

I agree that I will comply with Champlain College’s public health rules, policies, and protective measures. I understand that I may contract COVID-19 and assume the risks associated with returning to school and that any failure to comply with our rules may be subject to sanction or discipline in accordance with the College’s policies.

Employees: By submitting this form, I understand and agree to abide by this Community Health Pledge, including the policies relating to COVID-19 health and safety rules, vaccinations and testing.