Fall Update: Transportation

Dear Fellow Employees,

I am writing to share important details regarding our modified Transportation & Parking for Fall 2020.

Lakeside and 194 Saint Paul Street Shuttles

We will operate two shuttle busses this semester at reduced capacity due to distancing requirements. To allow for increased airflow, we will be using the classic yellow school buses with all windows open at all times. All riders will be required to wear a face-covering over both nose and mouth the entire trip; anyone not wearing a face covering will be refused access or asked to disembark. The shuttle will be disinfected at multiple times throughout the day. 

Each bus will be an express bus to only one destination and back until 6:00 PM each weekday, and combined on nights and weekends.

  • The Lakeside Commuter will operate 6:30–9:30 AM and 3:00–6:00 PM only (peak commutes) and will go direct between CCM and Lakeside, with no stop at 194 Saint Paul Street. 
  • The 194 Express will operate 7:45 AM-6:00 PM and will go direct between 194 St. Paul Street and CCM, with no stops at Lakeside. 
  • The Night shuttle will operate 6:00–9:30 PM, and will service all locations (CCM to 194 to Lakeside and return). 
  • The Weekend Shuttle will operate 10:00 AM–8:00 PM, and will service all locations (CCM to 194 to Lakeside and return). 

We intend to monitor ridership each day of the first two weeks and may adjust the system based on the ridership data we see. 

Employee Parking

Parking permits for employees will be available to order August 11 at champlain.thepermitstore.com. This semester, all regular campus parking lots will be “pay-per-use”. Between 8:00 AM–4:00 PM, Monday–Friday, each lot will require payment of an hourly rate. Rates differ based on the distance from the campus core. All payments must be processed using the Parkmobile app.

The FREE “Zone 1 Main Campus” permit must be displayed and will allow the permit holder to park in any pay-per-use lot or permitted street space (shown on parking map with black dots).  

The “pay-per-use” lots are intended to provide flexibility for those that may only be on campus a few hours per day or a couple of days per week. 

For those employees that are required to work on site at Main Campus three or more days per week, you will have the option of purchasing a full-time “Main Campus” parking permit for any regular parking lot on campus, at $100 for the semester.

The Rate and Location structure is outlined below or click here for a visual:

RateLocationTime Limit
$1 per hour (+ 30c user fee per session)Miller Information Commons
Summit Hall
Jensen/Rowell Lot
4 hours
$.50per hour (no user fee per session)Skiff Hall
158 S. Willard St
371 Main St
396 Main St
South House
Free hourly parkingNorth House
Sanders Hall
Permitted City Streets (shown on parking map with black dots).
$100 (Full-time permit for those that park 3+ days per week)All lots noted aboveNone

Greenride Bikeshare

All Champlain employees are eligible for the $25 Annual Campus plan, giving you access to bikes at any of the hubs located around the region. All you need to do is sign up for your membership using your Champlain.edu email and you will access the discounted rate. We currently have a hub on campus at the CCM building. 
This fall, the bikes will be transitioned to the Gotcha name, the entire fleet will be doubled in numbers, all be converted to electric-assist bikes (E-bikes) and there will be many many more hub locations, including Finney Quad, near Lakeside and in front of 194 Saint Paul Street. The membership fee will remain the same once this transition happens. Sign up today!  

Nic Anderson