Employee COVID-19 Policies & Procedures Update

Dear Colleagues,

Throughout the pandemic you, along with our students, have demonstrated patience, empathy, and a commitment to the health of our community. We continue to be deeply appreciative of the diligence you have demonstrated in following our campus protocols, which in turn allows us to minimize the risk to our campus. This week we learned that the FDA has fully approved the Pfizer vaccine. This is an incredible milestone in this COVID-19 pandemic. This email serves as a reminder and an update on current COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Current data reflects:

  • 93% of employees are vaccinated.
  • 98% of students are vaccinated.

Action Steps 

Maintaining a Healthy Campus 

As a residential campus and engaged community, it is imperative that healthy employees engage in person on our campus(es). While we are not shifting to remote work, there may be times when it is reasonable to work from home if you are feeling unwell. Please discuss your ability to work from home with your supervisor or dean while you are unwell. 

If you have been contacted by a health professional and are identified as a close contact and you are vaccinated, you are still able to come to campus. The CDC does not recommend vaccinated individuals who are identified as a close contact to quarantine. If you are identified as a close contact please follow up with your supervisor or dean to determine next steps.  

If you are identified as an unvaccinated close contact, you will be directed by a health professional to quarantine. If you are required to quarantine, please follow up with your supervisor or dean to determine next steps.

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 or have been identified as a close contact by a medical provider have a duty to report this information to the College. Employees can report this information through this form. This action enables the employee health team to evaluate potential impact to campus and quickly provide contact tracing. The College will provide testing to asymptomatic employees who are identified as close contacts by a health professional through a campus exposure. It also enables the People Center to support employees in utilizing sick time, working remotely, and following the isolation or quarantine guidance of health officials. Employees who wish to talk through any scenario are welcome to contact the Employee Health Team at employeehealth@champlain.edu

If you have additional questions you are welcome to discuss them with the People Center.


The College currently has a masking requirement for all students, employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, when in shared indoor spaces (see COVID-19 FAQs for more specifics). Please note that the Federal Transit Administration still requires masks on public transportation for all riders (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) through September 13, 2021. Therefore, masks will continue to be required on the campus shuttle.

This measure will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis in the coming weeks. This policy is consistent with current recommendations from the City of Burlington as well as our regional peer institutions, and supports our efforts to sustain a safe and healthy campus as we prepare to welcome students back this fall.


Weekly COVID-19 testing is required for unvaccinated employees and students with medical or religious exemptions.  The Testing Center is located in Whiting Hall and will be open Mondays 9:00 AM–12:00 PM and Wednesdays 1:00 PM–4:00 PM.  

Vaccinated employees wishing to continue routine testing are encouraged to utilize free testing options locally provided by the Vermont Health Department. Visit this link to learn more about testing sites, hours, walk-in availability and also how to schedule an appointment. 

Campus Cleaning 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we primarily focused on general cleaning, but pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to “cleaning for health.” Moving forward, we will continue to clean for health (disinfecting) while also maintaining overall cleanliness. Janitech team members are on campus daily. In addition, we have increased sanitizing stations around campus, which will continue to be maintained. If your space needs attention or supplies, submit a Physical Plant Workorder for “Custodial” and it will be addressed. 

Campus Air Quality 

Last summer we upgraded the air systems in all campus buildings that have them, such as Perry and Lakeside, to allow for increased air flow and circulation. Filters were upgraded to higher quality HEPA filters in all buildings to continue to promote the best possible air quality and circulation. We plan to continue this higher level of air quality and filtration. Additionally, air systems will continue to operate 24 hours a day as part of our new normal.

Community Health Pledge

This year we have intentionally created one health pledge for our community as we all continue to work together to maintain the health of our campus community and our Burlington home. The Champlain Community Health Pledge describes the College’s expectations of you—and our expectations of one another. Students and employees are required to sign the Fall Community Health Pledge to affirm their understanding of our collective and individual responsibilities for health and safety efforts. 

We will continue to monitor the national and local landscape of COVID-19 and the impact of the Delta variant, and will adjust our plans as needed.


Leslie Averill
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Danelle Berube
Vice President, Student Affairs & Emergency Management Coordinator