Faculty & Academic Staff Briefing #47

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff:

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This brief includes:

  • Updated Internship Guidelines
  • Information Booth Sign-Up
  • Faculty Testing
  • Testing Dashboard
  • First Day Announcements
  • Enrollment Verification/First Week Assignment
  • Faculty Technology Mentors
  • Classroom Cleaning
  • VPAA Forum Reminder
  • Recent Messages from the College


Champlain is committed to supporting choice for students in regard to virtual or in-person internships during the Fall 2020 semester. Faculty overseeing internship courses will add a clear statement in their syllabi that students have the ability to pursue the course requirements in either setting. It is expected that all students will adhere to both Champlain College’s and their internship site’s policies regarding COVID-19 guidelines and requirements. As such, there may be limitations on the number of in-person positions at any one internship location. If students live at 194 St. Paul Street or have off campus housing, face-to-face internships may continue after Thanksgiving. Students who travel during Thanksgiving week will have to follow state of Vermont and Champlain College quarantine rules before they can resume their in-person internships. 

Students are required to sign an agreement and waiver prior to starting their in-person internship, acknowledging their responsibilities and the health risks related to COVID-19.

For internship sites arranged by Champlain or a faculty member (as opposed to internships arranged by a student), the host organization is required to sign an MOU with Champlain acknowledging its responsibilities and the health risks related to COVID-19.


Recognizing that this fall will be unlike any other fall opening, we plan to have three information booths staffed throughout the first week of classes and on an intermittent basis afterward to assist students looking for directions, a forgotten mask or answers to general questions.  The locations are Hauke Courtyard, Finney Quad and the CCM Commuter Lounge.  If you would like to sign-up to volunteer for the information booth click here.  You do not need to know all the answers.  You will have a “who to call” list of people that you can access on Google Chat to get answers.  This booth will also have extra masks for any students who have forgotten their masks that day, faculty should refer students to these locations if a student arrives in class without a mask. Don’t forget to bring your fully charged laptop! 


Testing for employees will begin Wednesday, August 26 and will be available weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 AM–4:30 PM for the coming month. For those individuals seeking the most minimal contact with others, we have reserved the hour of 8:30–9:30 AM for employees only. The testing tent is located behind Perry Hall and employees can walk-in during the scheduled hours. All employees should be tested during their first week working on campus.  

Reminder to complete the Daily Health Screening survey each day before coming to campus.


The COVID-19 Testing Dashboard is publicly accessible for anyone to review testing numbers and positive tests.


Navigating the first few days and weeks for students, faculty and staff will require extra attention to clear communication.  We would like to suggest that you post a Canvas announcement prior to the first day of class with your expectation for how the class will run on the first day.


This fall, enrollment verification will be automated based on a student’s submission of an assignment.  This is embedded in the Fall 2020 course standards.  If a student submits an assignment by Friday, September 11, they will be automatically marked as enrolled.  Faculty will get an email to confirm student enrollment for those that do not have an assignment due by this date OR for students who do not submit their assignment on time. 


Are you willing to volunteer to help fellow faculty members this fall?  Particularly in the first few weeks, many of us will be running Zoom and Google Meet remote meetings from the classroom and at home and using Canvas, Zoom, Meet and Panopto in new ways.

Volunteer to be a resource for your peers.


There are small posters in each classroom with the following information:

Classroom/Lab Cleaning

  • All surfaces and touchpoints are cleaned by Janitech at least twice per day.
  • Please wipe down all keyboards, mic, and the lectern after each class for the next person.
  • Feel free to wipe down tables and other items used during class too!
  • Wipes are skin-friendly—no gloves needed—just don’t use them to clean your face after lunch.
  • Please bring your own markers and other teaching aids.

Please note that this is the most current guidance we have and that this guidance applies to all room participants (ie students and faculty).  Faculty are not required to clean the classroom, only the surfaces with which they interacted.  Your Operations Manager will be in touch with a plan for distributing dry-erase markers and other materials for faculty teaching in the classroom.


Don’t forget to join the VPAA Forum tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10-11:30 AM on Zoom.



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