Faculty & Academic Staff Briefing #46

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff:

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This brief includes:

  • Clarification on Synchronous Course Components and Attendance
  • Campus Building Access will Require ID Card 
  • Computer Lab Hours
  • Announcements from CLT
    • CLT Pre-Semester Support
    • Upcoming Webinars & Response to Faculty Requests
    • Pre-Course Surveys
  • From Champlain Staff Council: How To Create A Virtual Office
  • Recent Messages from the College


Fall 2020 Course Standards describe the inclusion of both synchronous and asynchronous components in all courses this semester, which are designated as “Flex-Hybrid.” Each faculty member has autonomy to determine both the balance of a particular course’s synchronous and asynchronous components and their expectations for student participation in the synchronous component of the course. 

Faculty members who choose to require or grade attendance at synchronous class sessions are urged to develop flexible and compassionate attendance policies that make it possible for students to succeed academically even if they are managing significant responsibilities or facing unusual challenges this semester. Faculty should clearly communicate attendance policies and expectations related to synchronous course participation at or before the start of the semester so that students can make an early determination about whether or not they will be able to succeed in a course.

Note that the Academic Affairs Committee is planning to begin a comprehensive review and discussion of Flex-Hybrid course standards for a vote by the full Faculty Senate in early fall.


This fall, all students, faculty and staff will need their ID card in order to access campus buildings.  We are working diligently to put the pieces together to make this happen.  Please remember to bring your campus ID each day you come to campus.


Student computer labs which previously had 24/7 student access will be closed from midnight–3:00 AM each day this fall for cleaning.


CLT Pre-Semester Support

With the start of the Fall semester rapidly approaching, the CLT team is supporting faculty with their course reviews. As a result, we may not be able to provide the level of hands-on course development support that you have come to expect from the team. We appreciate your understanding. 

Faculty support with Canvas and academic technology:

  • CLT website: for tips, tools and techniques and to assist you when adding or editing content in Canvas. 
  • Canvas support site: for up-to-date tutorials and videos that can guide you.
    Tip:  You may also reach out to 24/7 Canvas technical support by clicking on Help from the left-hand navigation within Canvas. 
  • Peers or mentors in your department or division are ready to support you.
  • champsupport@champlain.edu: for technology assistance and requests
  • For one-on-one assistance with Canvas, please sign up for help here rather than reaching out to individual CLT members. You will be able to make an appointment with available Canvas experts at Champlain. Urgent questions should be referred to Canvas support resources (see bullet #2 above). 

Please Note:  If your request is not directly related to meeting the course standards, the pre-semester or first-week success of you and your students, and can wait until after the start of the semester, we encourage you to hold your question until September at which time we will be able to better assist you. 

Upcoming Webinars & Response to Faculty Requests

Please see your Champlain calendar for upcoming webinars. In response to faculty requests, we are facilitating a session on accessibility (featuring Erin Ferrara of Accessibility Services) on Friday 8/21 at noon, and a session on new classroom technology with Zoom and Meet on Monday 8/24 (featuring Josh Blumberg). More webinars to come!

Pre-Course Surveys

Two-way communication with students will be key to everyone’s success this semester. The CLT will be providing tips throughout the semester on obtaining and acting on student feedback. To get off to a good start we recommend implementing a pre-course “check-in” by sending a questionnaire to students in your class through a Canvas announcement or quiz between August 28 and September 7. To assist you with this, we have created two sample surveys (Google forms) for you to use (precourse survey one and precourse survey two). To obtain an editable version of either survey, contact Rebecca Mills (rmills@champlain.edu).


Champlain Staff Council recently did a workshop on how to create a virtual office.  Click here for more information.



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