Vaccination Update

Dear Students:

The Burlington area is currently experiencing a surge in COVID cases, in particular in the young adult population. In the last week the state has experienced our highest number of cases yet in the pandemic, and unfortunately cases are expected to continue to rise. Furthermore, the highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant is very prevalent in the Burlington area. We urge you to continue to practice social distancing, wear your mask, avoid crowded places and get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible to do so. This email is intended to clarify your eligibility for the vaccine.

Several weeks ago, Governor Scott announced vaccination registration dates for all Vermonters 16 years of age and older. Last Wednesday, the state of Vermont clarified the residency requirements for receiving a vaccine and provided an estimated timeline to expand vaccine eligibility to students from outside of Vermont. 

For the purposes of receiving a vaccine in Vermont, a “resident” is defined as an individual who: 

  • Has a primary address that is a Vermont address; or
  • Is a Vermont college student who currently has a Vermont lease, including at 194 St. Paul Street and any off campus address; or
  • Is a Vermont college student who intends to stay in Vermont for the summer, living on or off campus.

Individuals currently eligible for vaccination: 

  • All BIPOC Vermont residents over the age of 16 and their resident housemates 
  • All Vermont residents over the age of 16 with any of the chronic medical conditions listed here

On April 19, Champlain College students in any of the following categories may register for a vaccine from the State of Vermont:

  • Off-campus residents 
  • Current residents of 194 St. Paul Street
  • Students who will reside at 194 St. Paul Street beginning June 1, 2021
  • Main campus students who plan to stay in Vermont this summer and/or have a primary address in Vermont 

We anticipate that college students who do not plan to reside in Vermont this summer will be able to register for the vaccine on April 30. Information on how to schedule your vaccination when you are eligible can be found here

Traveling home to get vaccinated? If you live out of state within same-day driving distance and are currently eligible for vaccination in your state of residency and able to schedule an appointment in the near future, please complete the Student Travel Form and work with the Student Health Center to determine if quarantine will be necessary upon return to Vermont. 


Annika Hawkins-Hilke
Medical Director