Update for Residential Students from the Office of Residential Life

Hello residential students! 

We hope this message finds you well. We know you and your families are eager to make plans to retrieve your belongings from residence halls and we want to share some preliminary guidance about our plans for a safe move-out. Vermont remains under the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order issued by the Governor that is in place through May 15, 2020. We have a plan and are committed to beginning the move out process as soon as possible and will be back in touch with additional information when the State of Vermont updates the status of this order. 


The current “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order does not allow for any hotels or other lodgings in Vermont to accept new reservations for stays before June 15, 2020. 

Residence hall move out will be scheduled to ensure the ability to maintain social distancing. Move-outs will be scheduled using the THD Express Check Out system and will open as soon as the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order is lifted and we will be in touch to let you know when you can sign up for a slot.  We will not begin the sign up process until the Stay Home order is lifted.

Below is some preliminary information for you to consider in your planning: 

  • If you are currently staying on campus and do not already have a signed summer contract at 194 St. Paul, you need to plan to leave campus when the Governor lifts the Stay Home order. You will not be charged for any extra days between the end of the semester and when the order is lifted.
  • Sodexo Dining services will only be available until May 8, 2020.
  • If you are not on campus now and your belongings are still here – your belongings will remain safe until the order is lifted and we can implement the move out process.
  • We know that returning to campus to retrieve belongings may not be possible for all students, especially those who live a great distance from Burlington. We are in the process of identifying moving partners who can pack and ship or store students’ belongings. Students would make independent arrangements with these movers and be responsible for the cost associated with these services. We will share more information about these options in future communication.


In general, on-campus housing will not be offered over the summer. There will not be any events taking place on campus over the summer and services will be extremely limited. If you have a hardship or other extenuating circumstance, please read below to submit your hardship reason so that we can review your situation. International students, please contact Jessa Karki in the Office of International Student Services about your housing and travel plans.

Please read the information below carefully. If you have a hardship reason and need to request an exception to live on campus during the summer, we ask that you complete an online request through the application on THD (The Housing Director) named Summer Housing Registry.

  • If you have a summer portion on your current 194 contract (2019-2020) and wish to return campus for summer 2020, you must submit a summer hardship request for review following the THD link above.
  • If you requested to add on the summer before your August 2020 start at 194 St Paul, please be advised that due to the wide scope of impact and uncertainty of COVID-19, we are unable to allow you to live at 194 St Paul for the summer. We hope that this notification now will allow you to make another plan.
  • Having a job, on or off campus, is not an approved reason for summer housing.
  • If you have an approved internship, we must receive confirmation from Career Collaborative for you to be approved to stay on campus.

If you have already moved out of your residence hall entirely and will not need to return, you should email Kate Ford, Assistant Director of Housing Operations, to let us know. 

We thank you for your understanding and patience. We recognize that many of your situations are complex and unique and want you to know that we are trying to anticipate how to best meet all your needs. As stated above, if you are concerned about being able to meet any of the expectations outlined above, please complete the THD application and we will review your hardship request on a case by case basis. If you have specific questions, please email us at reslife@champlain.edu.  We hope you finish your spring semester strong! 

Housing and Residential Life Team