Faculty & Academic Staff Briefing #13

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff:

This brief includes:

  • Student Employee Update
  • SCART Referrals
  • CLT Tip of the Day: Remind Students of Deadlines
  • IMAGE OF THE DAY: Hobbes Baker, 15 years old!


As Laurie mentioned in her update video today, the College will continue to pay all student employees through the end of the semester. Continued pay will apply to all student employees, both those working remotely and those who cannot, from the beginning of the period of remote instruction (March 11, 2020) through the end of the semester (May 1, 2020) based on their scheduled hours established prior to spring break. This applies to students whose job is under a Federal Work Study award as part of their financial aid package and also those student workers who are paid directly by the College in non-work study employment.

There is significant work to be done with Financial Aid, Finance, and the People Center, alongside supervisors of student employees, to calculate and issue these payments. We are working as quickly as possible and asking for continued patience from our students. A communication regarding this will go directly to student employees and their supervisors later today, at which point it will be added to The View.


Thank you to the faculty who submitted recent SCART reports. The SCART team continues to meet each Monday to review any SCART referrals and will ask appropriate faculty and staff members to connect with students as needed.  It is also helpful if you can include in your report additional information such as ways in which you have followed-up with the students prior to submitting the SCART report. This gives SCART an indication of the best means to connect with the student.  Additionally, please only include one student of concern on each report. Including multiple students in one report makes it difficult for the team to separate and manage. As a reminder, you can find the form here or on the faculty portal. We encourage all faculty to submit a report if they have any concerns about a student (attendance, performance, behavior, etc).


When teaching remotely, it’s even more important than usual to make sure students know their deadlines. Reminding students of deadlines the week before is very helpful, just as you would say, “remember, your project is due next week” in class. We strongly recommend adding due dates to assignments and discussions in Canvas, which puts those items on students’ calendars, especially if you have a due date over the weekend. Instructions are available here


Ongoing communication and resources for Faculty and Staff are posted on The View; the most recent posts are listed here for easy access.  Finally, all Faculty Daily Briefing emails are stored here and also hosted on The View.

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