In the News: Champlain and Hula Develop a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Online publication VTDigger recently featured Champlain College’s new partnership with Hula, a business incubator and coworking campus in Burlington for entrepreneurs.

The partnership is kicking off with an entrepreneurship class taught by Champlain President Alex Hernandez and Hula Founder and Champlain Board of Trustee Russ Scully. The pair will be joined by local entrepreneurs throughout the semester.

The opportunity to hear from and network with these startup entrepreneurs working at Hula is one of the driving factors for students’ interest in the course. Taught through the Champlain College Stiller School of Business, the class will take place on the Hula campus and allow students to immerse themselves in the local business community.

Olivia Hutchins ’23 is one of 24 students enrolled in the entrepreneurship class at Hula this spring. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

“Those new connections are going to give us gateways to really learn how to build a business, but also have these connections to just ask questions,” Business Administration major Olivia Hutchins ’23 said in the article. She is one of 24 students enrolled in the course for the spring 2023 semester.

“I believe we have an opportunity to participate in the leading edge of this growing trend that seems to be occurring across the United States, where college campuses are physically integrating themselves more and more with business development,” Scully told VTDigger.

Hero image by Sarah Kjelleren.

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