Tyler Keefe ’07 Stays Connected to Champlain and the Local Community

We recently caught up with Tyler Keefe ’07 to see what he’s been up to since his time at Champlain and what keeps him connected to the College and the local Vermont community.

Tyler, who also goes by Tito, moved back to Vermont in 2018, and knew Waterbury was where he wanted to call home. Over the years, Tyler has worked in the education, entertainment, hospitality, software, and consulting industries. These days he operates a small business with his wife, Mae, and also volunteers with and supports various local non-profits, staying connected to both Champlain and his new hometown.

Tell us a little bit about what’s new in your life since your time at Champlain?

So much has happened. I moved away, came back to the area, got married, and we welcomed our first child back in 2020. Currently, I am the proud co-owner of Pack & Send Plus with my wife, Mae. We both volunteer on the Waterbury Arts Committee supporting the local arts and I just began my three-year term on the Board of Directors for Revitalizing Waterbury. Beyond all that, we spend as much time as we can with our awesome son, Charlie.

Tyler “Tito” Keefe graduated from Champlain in 2007 and is making a difference in his local community in Waterbury, Vermont, just 30 minutes from Champlain’s Burlington campus.

How did you meet your wife?

I had an internship at Nectar’s in downtown Burlington my senior year. Taking what I learned at Champlain and putting my own spin on it allowed me to begin my development as a leader and a small business owner. Years after my internship, I circled back to do some consulting for the [at the time] new owners of Nectar’s. When introducing myself to the staff I was struck by the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. As they say, the rest is history.

Why did you choose Champlain?

When my dad and I went to visit the school, we knew right away it’s where I belonged. I know it sounds cliche, but it just felt like home to me. I loved the city of Burlington as well as everything the Green Mountain State has to offer. While there, I attended several Champlain functions but found my people playing on the club hockey team. It was a blast playing with our player-coach, Dave Mona, who also happens to be an outstanding professor. I made friends for life who I still play hockey with today.

What is it about the Teacher’s Apprenticeship Program (TAP) that appealed to you?

Fellow Champlain alum, Anthony Sorrentino, convinced me to try the program as he thought teaching was right up my alley. I really connected with the mission of the program, which is designed for professionals who have real-world experience that want to pursue a career in education. However, it’s the faculty, especially Ellen Emery, that makes this program so special. I wish I had more teachers like Ellen throughout my academic career. She is truly passionate about her students and their success.

What excites you most about the future?

The unknown opportunities that lie ahead. That, and growing our family and hopefully inspiring them to be active in their own communities someday, wherever they may be.

What advice would you give yourself on day one of coming to Champlain, based on what you know now?

First, I would absolutely do it all again. Champlain was definitely the right choice. But I guess I would say get involved and take advantage of all the opportunities you will have access to because of Champlain. Try new things, take a class outside of what you are studying. Make connections, they will serve you well. My internships, the clubs I joined, and the relationships I made, have made such a difference in my life.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, I am supporting and fostering businesses and the arts in my local community, and in a perfect world I would love to be teaching at Champlain. It would be amazing to come full circle and teach at the school that has meant so much to me, and inspire the next generation of students.

Are you an alum who wants to stay connected? Are you making a difference in the local Vermont community? Let us know! Send us your updated info using this form or reach out to alumni@champlain.edu.

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