Willard & Maple Hosts First Creator’s Jam

From October 2 to October 4, Champlain students were given 48 hours to interpret the theme “spirit” and create something for Willard & Maple‘s first Creator’s Jam. Students submitted work in various mediums including painting, digital art, cartography, poetry, and film.

Willard & Maple, a Champlain student-run literary magazine, invited Champlain College alumni and professors to judge the jam. The first showcased winner was Abigail Lewis, 21 // Professional Writing, who wrote a poem titled, “Spirit of the Landlady.”

This poem was chosen by judge Gillian English, ’19 // Professional Writing, the former editor-in-chief for Champlain’s student-run newspaper, The Crossover. Gillian writes, “I felt like this poem was perfect for the season, and I loved the use of descriptors like ‘sticky sludge.’ Phrases like ‘murder of crows’ and ‘iron meathooks’ helped create an atmosphere that was not only haunting, but alive for the reader.”

Abigail Lewis, ’21 // Professional Writing

“The intent of the author is clear and it works in this piece,” says English. “I like how she described the house in a way that also describes the personality of the spirit that resides there. Sylvia gets her revenge in the end in a creepy, yet satisfying conclusion and I think it is thanks to the way the suspense is built in the first three stanzas.”

The other winner of the first Creator Jam is “Low Spirits,” a visual artwork created by Crystal Wong, ’22 // Game Art. Judge Jess Schultz, ’19 // Communication, former editor-in-chief of Chivomengro, explained, “I really like this piece of work and I love all the ways different people interpreted the prompt. College burnout is such a real problem and so many students turn to alcohol over it. I love the ideas of ‘floating and spilling out.'”

Artwork by Crystal Wong, ’22 // Game Art

Judge and Champlain Adjunct Professor in the Communication & Creative Media Division, Jen Berger, described the piece as interesting to look at, yet complicated in it’s composition and engaging colors.

Congratualations to both Crystal and Abigail for being the featured piece’s of Willard & Maple’s first Creator’s Jam! If you missed it, or are interested in participating again, W&M is hosting another Creator’s Jam this November 6—8! Find more info and register here.

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