Champlain Dublin Receives Second Prestigious Nomination This Year

Congratulations to our Champlain College Dublin Program, which has been recognized as a finalist for a PIEoneer award.

The PIE is a London-based news and business publication, and is known as one of the leading global information resources for international education. On the heels of the nomination for innovation in sustainability this spring, the PIEoneer nomination demonstrates that Champlain College Dublin continues to differentiate itself as a leading and innovative study abroad program that offers an unparalleled immersive experience for students. 

For the past few years, Champlain Dublin has immersed students into the local Liberties community in downtown Dublin, in partnership with the Liberties Cultural Association. This starts at orientation with a groundbreaking Meet the Shopkeepers Tour, in which students are introduced to the community and learn how to shop locally.  This initiative helps support small businesses that have operated in the Liberties for decades, while providing an outstanding community engagement opportunity for students. Community interactions are reinforced throughout the semester, with recent activities including community cleanups and a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the community.

Students and locals enjoy the first-ever Thanksgiving dinner held in the Liberties.

“Both the students and the community get a whole lot out of these initiatives,” said Dr. Stephen Robinson, Director of Champlain’s Dublin campus. “There is an economic benefit to the area, and lots of great friendships have developed between the students and community members. Meaningful immersion of students into their host community can be difficult, but the initiatives that Champlain has taken in partnership with the Liberties Cultural Association have shown that it can be a great success when both parties are involved and dedicated to success. This really is unique in the study abroad world, and our students are certainly welcomed and embraced by the people of The Liberties.”

Champlain students engage with shopkeepers from Meath Street on their Meet the Shopkeepers tour.

Liberties Cultural Association member Liz Gillis, who is also a faculty member with Champlain College Dublin, is thrilled the students are engaging so deeply with her community.

“Champlain is the only study program housing students in the area who have fully immersed themselves in the community,” says Gillis. “Champlain is certainly leading the way in this venture. Our community is delighted to be involved with the students and we take great pride in showing off the area and ensuring that the students have the best possible experience.”

Liz Gillis, Liberties Cultural Association representative and Champlain faculty member, gives students a welcome tour of the Liberties neighborhood.

”It is an incredible honor to be nominated for the PIEoneer award for real life learning,” said Tony Langan, Student Life Manager at Champlain College Dublin. “We have worked tirelessly to give all students who study in Dublin the opportunity to experience their local community in an immersive and unique way. Thank you to all Champlain Abroad Dublin students, staff, faculty, and community members who have contributed to this nomination. The Liberties community here in Dublin has been an incredible support to our students and showed them what real life in Ireland is like. We are forever indebted to their generosity and warm hospitality and look forward to many more years of experiential learning in Ireland!”

The PIEoneer award winners will be announced on Friday, October 2.  Congratulations to Champlain College Dublin for receiving this second prestigious honor this year!

Watch what it’s like to live like a local in the Liberties. Shoutout to Montserrat Guerra-Solano ’20 // Communication, for documenting the experience!

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