Get Inspired With These Quote Prints Designed by Champlain Students, Staff, and Alumni

We all need a little inspiration these days, so we asked a few creative types to choose their favorite quotes and illustrate them in style. Scroll through the prints below and download the ones you love for free. Update your phone wallpaper with a new quote, too, by screenshotting one of these Instagram stories.

You see purpose where others see a meandering path. This popular quote, from Tolkien’s Song of Aragorn, cautions that appearances are not always what they seem. At Champlain, we aren’t always on a mission to rid the land of evil (we only have so much time on our service trips), but we do hold a long tradition of global travel. Wander across the world—study abroad, go on a service trip, even take an international internship. It may look like you’re getting lost … but we know the truth. You’re just finding your true self here. Designed by Brielle Hansen ’19 // Visual Communication Design.
You occupy a unique position in the world—one that nobody else can fill! Though it’s believed that Oscar Wilde spoke these words, we couldn’t substantiate that claim. None-the-less, we fully support the logic. At Champlain we not only welcome what makes you different, we celebrate it. We’d otherwise miss out on everything that makes you … you. We encourage our students to explore the world, and to embrace their own identities. Whether you have a passion for the stage, student life, leadership, or service, our various student clubs and organizations are just one way you can be your own unique self here. Designed by Kevin Manley, Senior Staff Designer.
You see rules as more of a guideline than a firm line in the sand. Though this quote is often attributed to Pablo Picasso, we couldn’t substantiate that claim. Regardless, we’re sure Pablo would agree—all great artists know which rules to break, and when. (And why!) At Champlain, innovation is our middle name. While you learn the essentials of your field here, you’ll also gain the confidence you need to chart your own path forward. With makers and artists of all kinds in our community, Champlain provides a variety of opportunities for you to break out, and build your pro status. Designed by Assistant Visual Communication Design Professor Jonathan Mikulak.
You believe that new ideas aren’t limited to the constructs of what we know today. Maybe you’re starting your own business or nonprofit, initiating a new program through student government, or getting up on stage and finding your rhythm. With a community of makers, explorers, and entrepreneurs, at Champlain, you’ll surround yourself with fresh ideas and perspectives. Here, you’ll decide which boxes are necessary, which need redesigning … and which need to be thrown out entirely. Designed by Assistant Professor Jonathan Mikulak.
Sure, you find comfort in the known. But you also dare to move beyond the safety of your given borders. You were built to explore. At Champlain, our motto is “Let Us Dare.” We love to take a calculated risk, because we know what can unfold when you set your sails and move beyond. Champlain is the perfect environment for you to venture, explore, and push your comfort zone. With the help of faculty and staff, one-of-a-kind internship opportunities, and specialized programming and creative spaces, we’ll make sure your ship is well equipped for any adventure. Designed by Brielle Hansen ’19 // Visual Communication Design.
Nice words are … nice. But just like activist Greta Thunberg, you believe in taking action and making a real difference. At Champlain, we also believe in taking action. With LEED-rated buildings, geothermal energy for heating and cooling, and a number of programs that allow students, faculty, and staff to be involved with campus sustainability measures, you can make a real difference here. Our home in Burlington, Vermont, is the first city in the United States to run on 100% renewable energy. Designed by Kevin Manley, Senior Staff Designer.
You live your life on your terms. And why shouldn’t you? It’s your life! Running your world doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers. At Champlain, students are supported by a community of doers, thinkers, advisors, and experts, all available to provide guidance when you need it, while also empowering you to take charge and make the decisions that work best for your life. Designed by Adelina Laprey ’20 // Visual Communication Design.
You’re not afraid of hard work, but who says it can’t be fun? This quote from Jerry Greenfield (one half of Ben & Jerry’s) is one of our lighthearted faves. We work closely with Ben & Jerry’s each year on projects and internships. Incoming business students have even collaborated to create fun ice cream flavors! As Champlainers, we know fun, and we find it every day within our various programs, sports, activities, and clubs. Designed by Adelina Laprey ’20 // Visual Communication Design.
You don’t mind putting in the time, gaining the right experiences, and building the stats you need to succeed when it’s time to “fight” the final boss. Unless you have the cheat codes, success takes hard work. At Champlain College, you’ll be well equipped to cross the finish line, because our experiential education allows you to master all the levels along the way. While you work your way through scholarly challenges, you can also unwind with one of our many popular sports and game clubs. Designed by Benjamin VanCleave ’20 // Visual Communication Design.
You enjoy spending time with people who bring positivity and support to your life—and being that person for the people you know! Champlain is a caring community in a big, fun town. You’ll find your community here—people who enjoy your company, who see your individual strengths, and who want to help you succeed. With plenty of programs, events, and organizations, there are a ton of opportunities to make lifelong friends. Designed by Adelina Laprey ’20 // Visual Communication Design.
When it comes to creativity, it can—and should—be practiced. At Champlain, we encourage creative thinking in and out of the classroom, no matter your major. You’ll never run out of ideas here—you’ll evolve and expand them. When you need some inspiration to get you started, or to keep you going, let one of our Champlain organizations be your muse. We love to see what can happen when people bring their varied perspectives together and build ideas off one another. Designed by Adelina Laprey ’20 // Visual Communication Design, and Kevin Manley, Senior Staff Designer.
Does Comic Sans bring a tear to your eye? It’s OK, we’re not judging. We’re right there with you. At Champlain, we understand—and live—the fact that fonts evoke feelings and colors stimulate senses. Whether you’re into publishing, design, or other displays of art, you’ll find a place to express your unique passions at Champlain College. Designed by Visual Communication Design 2020 graduates Benjamin VanCleave and Adelina Laprey, and Senior Staff Designer Kevin Manley.
You believe in the mighty power of the pen, in the ability of words to have a profound impact on someone’s life, including your own. It doesn’t have to be a grand speech or long novel to make a difference. Any and all of us can make a vital contribution to building a more equitable future. At Champlain, you’ll have ample opportunity—from clubs to publications—in which to use your voice, tell your story, and make an impact. Designed by Kevin Manley, Senior Staff Designer.
Techspeak is your preferred language. What can you say? The data just speaks to you. At Champlain, we also live, breathe, and speak technology. In fact, our home in Burlington, Vermont is recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Tech Hubs” by Forbes (that’s a 1 and 0, folks). So, if a tech field is what you’re after, this is where you want to be. Champlain offers a number of tech-related majors to choose from, as well as other ways to build your binary numeral skills (like in our Cybersecurity Club or Math Lab). Designed by Adelina Laprey ’20 // Visual Communication Design, and Kevin Manley, Senior Staff Designer.
You believe that words have the power to transport. Shove a book in your backpack, carry-on suitcase, or shoulder bag, and voilà: You’ve got instant escape and/or knowledge at your fingertips. Magic at its finest. At Champlain, you’ll have the power to bring your words to life in a variety of ways—through our Center for Publishing and student publications, or through spoken word. If you’ve got literary aspirations, we’ve got you covered. Designed by Kathleen McGuffin.
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