Go-To Spots for Visual Communication Design Majors

Burlington is packed with places that can enrich the education of Champlain College students of all majors. From on-campus resources to off-campus hangout spots, many of the Queen City’s greatest offerings seem custom-made for students.

Of course, students of every major have their favorite places, and those in the Visual Communication Design program have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to enhancing their classroom experiences. Here are just five of the best places for Visual Communication Design majors in Burlington: 

Champlain College Art Gallery & Lounge

The Champlain College Art Gallery & Lounge provides a space for innovative and experimental contemporary art in all forms. The space hosts exhibitions, events, projects, and residencies for national, regional, faculty, and student artists who confront cultural and artistic issues in their work, and serves as a place for learning and collaboration. 

Students in the Visual Communication Design major presented their capstone projects in the Champlain College Art Gallery & Lounge.

While studying Visual Communication Design at Champlain, Hannah Welburn of the class of 2020 worked at the Champlain College Art Gallery for two years. “The Champlain College Art Gallery is a special spot on campus for all of its unique exhibits, international artwork, elegant character, and charm as part of the Champlain College experience,” she explains. “The Art Gallery’s visitors get a rich cultural, creative, and educational experience, while students who qualified for work-study can benefit from the many creative positions and internships it offers. Working there gave me so many artistic, transferable skills as a Visual Communication Design student.”

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The goal of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is to help students launch the business of their dreams. Through networking opportunities, marketing assistance, and insight into the communication and execution of their idea, the Center supports the budding entrepreneurs of Champlain College.

Kylie King, Ph.D, an Assistant Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, explains the program as “a resource available to Champlain students, faculty, and staff for all things innovation and entrepreneurship. This certainly includes providing help and advice in launching or growing a business, but the CIE does much more than that. We help promote and encourage the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in all forms—from starting a new business, to improving experiences on campus or in your daily life.”

Metz Studio Barn

Located behind Perry Hall, the Metz Studio Barn is dedicated to designers. The state-of-the-art building includes two Mac computer labs and a lounge that serve as class, meeting, or academic support spaces 24 hours a day. 

The Metz Studio Barn is a dedicated space for Visual Communication Design majors.

Anna Kelley, class of 2021, loves having a space where she can work on her major. “The Metz Studio Barn is a safe haven for Visual Communication Design majors,” she says. “It’s a place where one can work, critique, and grow as a designer without interruptions. To have a designated spot solely for Visual Communication Design majors is something I am grateful for.”

Burlington City Arts

Burlington City Arts at the BCA Center provides members of the Burlington community with free access to a rotating selection of innovative art exhibits. From interactive offerings like “Dreams Can Come True” to large-scale sculptural creations like “Skin Ego,” the BCA Center has something for every art lover. 

Burlington City Arts is housed in a former firehouse building on pedestrian friendly Church Street. Photo courtesy of Burlington City Arts.

Isabella DeMarco, a Visual Communication Design graduate, worked as an intern with Burlington City Arts within the external exhibitions department. “It taught me so much not only about the logistics behind showing fine art, but also about how important art is in our Burlington community,” Isabella explains.  “I was tasked with hanging pieces in public spaces, and every time we did an install, the people who passed by were so excited to see the new works being put up. BCA is a really important facet of our community because of the work it does for the people in our community. The events, openings, workshops, and behind the scenes each provide their own means of educating us about art and culture.” 

The Generator Makerspace

The Generator Makerspace is an experiential environment where students and members of the Burlington community can share tools and resources to create almost anything. Equipped with hand, power, and electric tools including a 3D printer, laser cutter, and large format photo printer, the Generator Makerspace is available for Champlain College students who are interested in creating. 

Generator is a combination of artist studios, classroom, and business incubator where students can access tools and expertise to create, collaborate, and make their ideas a reality. Photo courtesy of Generator Makerspace.

Isabella DeMarco also loved using the Generator. It “has helped me see some of my more physical projects to fruition. Without the maker space, I would only be able to showcase digital files, and oftentimes, the physical outcome is vital in reaching my desired audience,” she says. “The people who work there are super helpful and understanding and helped me in the production of a number of projects. If you need something etched in vinyl or wood, something printed on adhesive, or buttons made, the maker space is capable of that and much more!” 

No matter your major, Champlain College’s campus and the city of Burlington have something fun and informative to offer! Explore more Go-To Spots for Environmental Studies & Policy and Professional Writing Majors.

Interested in studying Visual Communication Design at Champlain College? Find out more about the program here!

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