Creative Media 2020 Students Present Their Online Capstone Projects

After transitioning to online classes, Creative Media students in the Class of 2020 shifted gears from creating their art pieces with hands-on tools and help to online communication and creation. Their work consists of sound design, digital and traditional art, and many others.

Take a look at some of this year’s projects.

When The Forest Burned – Katherine Boone

Creative Media senior Katherine Boone’s series titled, “When the Forest Burned,” stems from a personal narrative and consists of multiple concept art designs, map designs, and hand-sewn cloaks and chest plates. She wanted to create a world that puts off a childhood sense of magic and explore their new worlds.

Check out Katherine Boone’s capstone here!

letters to my sisters – Madison Anne MacMahon

Madison Anne MacMahon, ’20 // Creative Media, created a photography and poetry book titled, “letters to my sisters.” This book includes personal poetry and photos cultivated by MacMahon.

She also worked on a visual poem, “Road map of my body,” which is featured on her website.

Learn more about Madison Anne MacMahon’s work and personal website here!

Hovering, Lingering – Rowan Minney

Hovering, Lingering is a visual novel game created around helping spirits move on to the afterlife. Rowan Minney, ’20 // Creative Media, hopes to work one day for a game studio in sound, design, or art. The game will eventually be available for download on both PC and Mac computers.

Watch the demo of Hovering, Lingering, here!

Waterslide – Matthew Bolduc

This album was recorded, written, and produced by Matthew Bolduc, ’20 // Creative Media, in his bedroom. He wanted to make music exploring his relationship with solitude.

The songs in the album include:

  1. “Prelude”
  2. “Leave No Trace” 
  3. “Waterside” 
  4. “Interlude (Earth)” 
  5. “Stupid” 
  6. “What Am I Doing”
  7. “Somewhere Else” 
Check out more of Matthew Bolduc’s work here!

Stories in My Head – Jameson Hunt

Continuing with the theme of music creation, Jameson Hunt ’20 // Creative Media created five songs for his album, Stories in My Head. His theme of creation centered on a stream of consciousness. It is intended to be listened to with headphones and your eyes closed, taking in every second of the music and the music alone. Listen here:

The Flying Blind Collection – Patrick Nichols

Patrick Nichols, ’20 // Creative Media, created Flying Blind for his capstone project, with the intention of incorporating the upcoming unknown that fellow graduating seniors are facing. He wanted his capstone to encompass art inspired by 1920s and 1930s carton and designs, but with his own personal spin on things. Patrick hopes to one day have a clothing collection of his own.

Check out more of Patrick Nichols’ designs here!

Artificial – Anastasia Coen

With audio created by Jameson Hunt, Anastasia Coen, ’20 // Creative Media, created a short narrative combining poetry and AI-generated face images to create a visual equalization to what it feels like when she creates her art and lives day-to-day life.

Take some time and watch Anastasia Coen’s short film!

Consume/d – Zoe Nicholson

Consume/d is a collection of pieces that explore human and nature’s connections and separations to Western culture. Zoe Nicholson, ’20 // Creative Media, goes on to explore through art what could have possibly caused such a disconnection between the two through her graphic design work.

Read more of Zoe Nicholson’s artist statement here!

Interested in creating a capstone that encompasses all of your passions? Check out our Creative Media program at this link to learn more!

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