Mia Andreozzi, ’21 on the Upside-Down Curriculum, Career Education, and Internships

A Q&A with Mia Andreozzi, ’21 // Accounting

Accounting major Mia Andreozzi, ‘21, with the help of Champlain’s Upside-Down Curriculum, discovered her passion for accounting within her first year of college. In this interview, we talk with Mia about how Champlain’s career education puts her ahead of the game.

Q: What’s the best part of being an Accounting major?

A: I think one of the best parts about being an Accounting major is that I’m a step ahead of the game. Here at Champlain, they start you off in your accounting classes as soon as you get here. 

Plus, the professors here are always looking to help you. They make sure you’re doing well and taking advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. They’re more than happy to use their industry connections to help you further your career.

Q: How has Champlain’s Upside-Down Curriculum helped shape your education?

A: The Upside-Down Curriculum gives you hands-on experience the first day you start here. I actually came in as an International Business major, but I knew after taking my first accounting class with professor Dave Mona that I wanted to switch my major to Accounting, because it was a better fit for me. The transition was really easy.

Champlain College student, Mia Andreozzi

Q: You had an internship as a sophomore. Can you tell us a little about it?

A: I worked for Davis & Hodgdon as a paid tax intern. I did a lot of triage work and prepared client materials. I got lots of hands-on experience with tax information—which is what I wanted from the internship. As a sophomore, I was the youngest intern at the company. Now as a junior, I will be spending my summer working for Johnson Lambert, which is a larger firm with locations based throughout the US.

Q: Champlain has a career education that encourages multiple internships throughout your four years at Champlain. How has that benefited you and your career?

A: Other colleges may not start you in internships until your junior or senior year. But thanks to Champlain’s Upside-Down Curriculum, I’ve been learning industry skills since my first year. This meant I could start in the professional world early on. I will have multiple internships during my college career, which will put me at an advantage when applying for jobs.

Q: Are you involved in any clubs or organizations on campus?

A: I am a leadership member of Stiller Women in Business, which is a women-in-business club that meets a few times every semester. I served as the President for two semesters and was the Director of Finance for a semester. We do events, such as onsite visits to businesses, and hold an annual community networking event. Local professionals are invited to come and mix with students at Champlain and it’s a really great experience. It’s an opportunity for students to get their name out there. Stiller Women in Business is a great network to be a part of, because we have LinkedIn and Facebook groups with current students and alumni. We can easily reach out to alumni who are working in our industry and are available to mentor current students.

While studying abroad in spring 2020, I am working to establish a Stiller Women in Business division at Champlain College Dublin.

Q: What’s your advice for prospective students interested in coming to Champlain?

A: I would say if you’re considering Champlain, definitely come to the school, take a tour, and talk with students. I came for an Open House event and I fell in love the first time I stepped on campus. I definitely knew Champlain was a good fit for me. I think all around it was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

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