Go on a Blind Date This Valentine’s Day—With a Book

Eligible bachelors (books) are lined up for your picking in the Champlain College Library. Take a chance and see where the storyline takes you.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Valentine’s Day. The day of love. Maybe you’re all in, or maybe you’re rolling your eyes. Either way, the Champlain Library is bringing you a new kind of heartthrob: it’s unexpected and suspenseful. It could include some mystery, romance, thrill, or who knows—maybe even a little bit of action.

The Blind Date With a Book display is located across from the circulation desk in the Champlain College Library.

You might be wondering how this whole thing works. Blind dates? They’ve got a bad rep. We get it. But with a few tips from our library matchmakers, we’re hoping to ease the pain a bit.

Check it out:

Each bachelor has written a short description of themselves—a Tinder bio, if you will. (But we can go with Bumble if you’re looking for a somewhat classier option).

This bachelor’s bio reads “Novice outdoorsman looking for someone to explore the great wide open with me.” Do we have any takers?

“Blind Date With a Book offers the Champlain community the opportunity to avoid judging a book by it’s cover,” says Assistant Professor Beth Dietrich, Faculty Librarian of Outreach & Engagement. “Those who decide to check out a book may discover they have an interest in a new author or genre, or maybe even find a new favorite book.”

“Interested in magical realism? Travel through time with me!” this bachelor (claiming to be your soul mate) reads.
Under each bio is the first line of the book—a sneak peek to see if the bachelor piques your interest. The first line of this single tale reads, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl can go from proper to princess or princess to proper in the mere seconds it takes for her to accept a proposal.”

While we hope fate will play its course and bring the perfect pair together, we also understand Cupid can’t always hit his target.

“As with all blind dates, there is no guarantee that it will lead to true love,” says Dietrich. But, the library is offering a consolation prize. If only all blind dates did so, right?

Participants are invited to fill out a Rate Your Date form, which will enter you in a drawing for two tickets to Merrill’s Roxy Cinema in Burlington.

Options for rating your date range from “The worst. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. If I ran into this book again, IT WOULD BE SO AWKWARD” to “Pretty okay. I’d accept this book’s friend request. We’ll text and see what happens.”
Once you rate your book, be sure to return your slip to the box (decorated appropriately in red glitter) sitting on the circulation desk near the library’s front doors.

The love doesn’t stop there, though. On Valentine’s Day, the first five participants to check out a blind date will be gifted the one, the only, classic February 14 treat: chocolates.

So if you can, head to the library to meet your match. Then, take your date home or to a cozy coffee shop and unwrap it to discover what lies within. Dare to add a little mystery to your love life.

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