Ann DeMarle’s ‘Pixel’ Exhibit Draws Crowd to Art Gallery

Professor Emerita Ann DeMarle showcased her physical and virtual paintings from the last 20 years in a show at the Champlain College Art Gallery.

Excited to see some beautiful art? Well, you’re in the right place. DeMarle was a longtime faculty member at Champlain College and founder of the College’s Emergent Media Center. She is an artist working in oils, watercolors, drawings, digital media, interactive design, and motion graphics. 

‘Pixel’ was on display from January 13 until February 1.
Both DeMarle’s earlier and current work were on display, and all came together through the idea of a pixel to create a display of Ann’s life journey. Similar to how in digital media, pixels come together to create larger pictures.
DeMarle is pictured engaging with friends, old and new, at the opening reception of Pixel on Thursday, January 23.
Reception attendees walked around the gallery in awe, taking in the story behind each different piece.
DeMarle was the recipient of Champlain College’s Audeamus award in 2014. Audeamus is our motto, meaning “Let Us Dare.” Each year, this honor is awarded to a faculty or staff member who has made significant contributions to meeting objectives at the College.
DeMarle’s accomplishments don’t stop there, though. Throughout her time at Champlain, she founded our world-renowned game degrees, multimedia degree, emergent media graduate degrees, and the Maker Lab.
Stop by the Champlain College Art Gallery before Saturday, February 1 to see DeMarle’s miraculous work on display!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Ann for sharing her work with the Champlain community. The same goes to Dana Heffern and the Champlain College Art Gallery team for curating such a wonderful show.

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