Day of Thanks Spreads Gratitude Across Champlain Community

Champlain College hosted its first-ever Day of Thanks on November 6 to show gratitude for our donors.

Fireside Lounge was bumping with tunes and buzzing with gratitude as students wrote “thank you” notes to donors, entered raffles, frosted cupcakes, painted pet rocks, made caramel apples, and shared messages on a chalkboard gratitude wall.

Day of Thanks was hosted by the Champlain College Advancement team as a way to share positive messaging to the many donors that make the student experience possible.

“Thank you for your generosity! Because of you, I’ve had life-changing experiences here at Champlain!” one card read.

“I’m thankful for the incredible opportunities in my major (Professional Writing) at home in VT, and abroad!” a message on the gratitude wall read.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread some love across the Champlain community. With Thanksgiving around the corner, remember to tell those around you why you’re thankful for them—friends, peers, family, faculty, staff, and beyond!

Shoutout to the Advancement and Student Engagement teams for making
Day of Thanks a reality!
Students take a moment to thank the donors who help make their Champlain experience possible.
Handwritten “thank you” notes are a great way to show appreciation. Remember: Champlain shines bright because of you!
The gratitude wall showcased messages from students, staff, and faculty expressing what they’re thankful for.
Here’s that Professional Writing note we mentioned earlier!
The people at Champlain are a huge part of what makes our community so special—faculty, staff, friends, loved ones, and more.
Interim President Laurie Quinn stopped by to express her gratitude, too!
Here’s her full message.
Like any good event, Day of Thanks offered good mood food, including caramel apples.
Plus, design-your-own cupcakes. YUM!
Paint a pet rock? Why not. Here’s your daily reminder that you ROCK!
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