The Class of 2023 Begins Their Champlain Journey

Welcome to the Class of 2023! We’re so glad you’re here.

An exciting buzz was in the air as cars pulled up to South Willard Street in late August for Move-In Day. It was the start of something new for more than 600 students, and the Champlain community was here to welcome them with open arms. Seriously. As soon as a parent opened up their car’s trunk, staff and upper-year students’ arms were outstretched, waiting for what they could help bring inside to each student’s new home.

Move-in time!

What followed was a whirlwind of setting up residence hall rooms, lunch with new friends, family goodbyes, and events on events so our new Champlainers could learn the ins and outs of campus.

Families and students worked together to set up their new spots.
Orientation Leaders were on hand the entire weekend, cheering the Class of 2023 on.
As were our Student Ambassadors!
And our (best-dressed) student move-in crew members!
Information booths were available around campus so families could learn about campus transportation, ski deals, local banking options, and more.
Families enjoyed lunch together in Rozendaal Courtyard before heading to Finney Quad for the President’s Welcome.
Interim President Laurie Quinn told students: “Connect—this is a big theme today and for Orientation, but it matters every day. Relationships with new people are the juice that powers your college experience.” Soon after, it was time for families and students to go their separate ways.
We know, goodbyes are hard.
Like, really hard.
But we promise, the Class of 2023 is in good hands.

A Well-Rounded Education

To help acquaint students to campus, different offices and departments hosted talks about important topics such as safety, diversity and inclusion, sexual abuse, alcohol and substance abuse, and more.

Special guest Stacey Miller spoke to the Class of 2023 about diversity and respecting each other’s book of rules.
Students learned about alcohol and substance abuse, as well.
Champlain College Director of Public Safety Bruce Bovat shared a lot of really important information with students to ensure they stay safe—and some humorous tips, too. Like don’t burn your popcorn in the residence hall kitchens.

Fun and Games

The hard-hitting topics were offset with fun and games, both on and off campus throughout the weekend. Students got a chance to explore the local Burlington community, too.

Bowling at Spare Time in Colchester is always a hit.
Crafts, crafts, and more crafts!
The Grind Open Mic Coffee House is a great opportunity for students to express themselves through performance. Audience members can relax, meet new people, and spend time with friends. 
Games on Finney Quad are a must, too. Spikeball, anyone?
But a fight between Chauncey and T-Rex? Now that you can’t miss.

Thank you to everyone who helped welcome the Class of 2023 to campus. What an exciting year we have ahead!

Dancing into the new academic year.
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