Find Your New Home at Champlain College!

There is nothing standard about our first-year residence halls

First-year students at Champlain live in one of our 20 renovated Victorian-era houses on campus in the Hill Section of Burlington. With no more than 50 people per house, you’re sure to find new friends and make incredible memories! Resident Assistants (RA) live in each house to provide guidance, plan events and activities, and suggest the best places to grab a bite downtown.

Take a virtual stroll through Champlain’s campus from the south end of campus to the north end, exploring every first-year hall in between.

South House

South House is located a short walk from campus in a quiet residential neighborhood of Burlington’s Hill Section and marks the southern boundary of main campus. With up to 50 residents a year, South House is one of the biggest residence halls, but is known for its close community.

South House. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Jensen Hall

Champlain College’s first ever residence hall is also one of its most beautiful. The two-floor tower room is one of the most identifiable architectural features on campus. Jensen Hall houses approximately 38 first-year students.

Jensen Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Rowell Hall

Rowell Hall is many students’ first choice when it comes to housing selection, thanks to its beautiful architecture and central location on campus. With approximately 49 residents a year, Rowell Hall is a great place to live and take advantage of the Burlington lifestyle.

Rowell Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Bankus Hall

One of Champlain’s most unique buildings, Bankus Hall is known for its strong sense of community and welcoming front lawn—the perfect place to hang up a hammock on sunny afternoons. Bankus Hall is home to approximately 42 first-year students a year and is located right on main campus.

Bankus Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Pearl Hall

There is no hall more conveniently located than Pearl Hall. Right by the Wellness & Fitness Center, the Argosy Gymnasium, and the IDX Dining Hall, Pearl Hall is surrounded by campus life. Residents can often be seen hanging out on the front porch, playing music and catching up between classes.

Pearl Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Lyman Hall

Lyman Hall has some of the most beautiful woodwork on the Champlain College campus, as well as a large front lawn adjacent to the Perry Hall admissions building. This warm community welcomes approximately 38 first-year students every year.

Lyman Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Hill Hall

Lyman Hall’s twin, Hill Hall boasts beautiful woodwork details and recently renovated bathrooms. Located at the corner of Maple and South Willard streets, residents of Hill Hall are smack in the middle of the action on campus. This tight-knit hall is home to about 39 students each year.

Hill Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Bader Hall

The perfect combination of small community living with a central location, Bader Hall has the best of both worlds. Residents of Bader Hall are steps away from academic buildings, as well as the IDX Student Life Center and the mailroom, and have a view of Lake Champlain from the west-facing rooms.

Bader Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

McDonald Hall

McDonald Hall looks like a miniature castle, turrets, arches, and all. This hall is known for its distinctive red bricks and close community of approximately 48 first-year residents. Located right on Finney Quad, McDonald Hall is ideal for students who want to be involved with campus life.

McDonald Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Whiting Hall

Whiting Hall is filled with beautiful woodwork and three floors of student rooms. There is a pool table in the lounge, as well as a small kitchen perfect for movie-night snacks. Located right on Finney Quad, Whiting Hall is home to approximately 40 first-year students, as well as the Student Health Center.

Whiting Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Carriage House

With only 15 residents, Carriage House is the smallest residence hall at Champlain College. As a result, this hall is known for its strong community. Conveniently located right on campus, Carriage House is perfect if you want to be first in line for Saturday morning pancakes at the Dining Hall.

Carriage House. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Schillhammer Hall

Schillhammer Hall marks the southeast corner of Champlain’s campus, right by the Miller Information Commons. Students living in Schillhammer especially love the family-like atmosphere and the views of Lake Champlain. This hall houses approximately 27 first-year students.

Schillhammer Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

Summit Hall

Also located near the Miller Information Commons, Summit Hall boasts a large lounge and a sprawling front lawn, perfect for hanging out with friends in all types of weather. Summit Hall remains open during breaks, making it the perfect choice for international students.

Summit Hall. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

158 South Willard Street

The newest addition to Champlain’s Victorian houses is 158 South Willard Street, conveniently located on the corner of Main and—you guessed it—South Willard streets. This fully renovated mansion features ornate woodwork and marble fireplaces, and can house up to 29 students.

158 South Willard Street. Photo by Logan Potvin ’19.

371 Main Street

Many of the rooms in this Victorian mansion have bay windows, filling the space with natural light. The 371 Main Street common room has a pool / ping-pong table and wall-mounted television, perfect for watching re-runs of your favorite show with your new friends.

396 Main Street

396 Main Street is a former mansion with a lovely entry hall, foyer, large windows, and gorgeous woodwork. Students can be found hanging out in the lounge, working on homework or watching movies together. 396 Main Street can house approximately 34 first-year students.


Sanders Hall is a traditional center hall mansion with a recently renovated foyer and beautiful woodwork. Students who are looking for a close-knit community and convenience to Burlington’s downtown will fit right into this hall, which can house up to 39 students.

Want to experience these beautiful residence halls for yourself? Why not sign up for a Campus Tour and Information Session to find out more and learn about our unique approach to a career-focused education.

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